Legolas x Harry; Hobbit pt 2

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Bilbo, over the next couple of years, really fell into his Carrier role. He got his neighbor, Mr. Gamgee to help him set up a nursery and quickly got little Hadrian settled in. Quickly nothing his small feet and the delicate soles, he was able to guess that Hadrian was at least a Man or an Elf. He highly doubted he was a Dwarf, even here in the Shire, they hear of how utterly fierce Dwarves are of their young. And since over the first week no army of angry Dwarves came battering his door, he was pretty certain.

Hadrian was a curious little thing and often very quiet. When he did fuss, it was mostly for a soiled nappy or he was hungry. The too few times he outright cried was when one of the She Hobbits, one with vibrant red hair had passed by or a bookish Gentle Hob with glasses and rich  dark brown almost black windswept hair had passed by. Those times were gut wrenching for Bilbo because little sweet Hadrian would cry for his mama and papa. Bilbo would spend the whole day and night trying to consul the orphaned child, whispering gentle promises and hum little lullabies until the tike cries himself to sleep.

Thank goodness Mr. Mors had the foresight to provide many things and over the first year sent more to aid him. He now had a library on Wizarding Folk, history and spells books, plenty of items from Mr and Mrs. Potter, items that Mr. Mors felt would be safest in Bilbo's care and to help young Hadrian to connect with his late parents. There was even a moving painting of them! My word, the wonders of Magic! Bilbo made sure when he was not busy running his estate, errands or from his cousin Lobelia, he was spending every waking second with his adopted son and when he had a few blessed hours of silence, he studied the books and spoke with the late Lord and Lady, amazing!

Between the three of them they raised little Hadrian into a curious and slightly adventurous child, certainly a bit mischievous, but a good little boy. That was when the first of many tutors began arriving. Strange men and women who happened to suddenly appear on the outskirts of Hobbiton and make their way inland and toward Bag End where they will summarily find their student and his guardian. Harry flourished with the lessons and while he had a few 'hiccups', Bilbo managed them rather masterfully if he said so himself.

By the time Hadrian was a Tween himself, Bilbo was fast approaching his maturity and with it the hailstorm of proposals he absolutely refuses to be forced to make. Most of whom want access to either his fortune or his Smial. His grandfather on his mother's side was an indulgent soul, especially for his favorite daughter and her only son. He adored Belladonna in her life and he absolutely spoils Bilbo with her passing and now he has a great grandson who was not a Hobbit at all, but adored nevertheless. He helped weather much of that storm front believing that if this Mr. Mors was to be trusted, then it must be true that Bilbo's happiness lay beyond their gentle nature and rolling green hills.

So of course at the mature age of 33 and a half, thank you very much, Bilbo was surprised one morning by a man in grey standing at his gate while he had been enjoying a light smoke of his pipe and the pleasantly warm weather. It took Bilbo a mental of careful study to realize that it was his mother's old friend Gandalf come to visit! He quickly ushered him into his yard and offered him some of his pipe weed as they chatted. Admitted, learning that the old wizard wished to recruit him for an adventure, startles him. He could not nip off for who knows where and for who knows how long with Hadrian, newly presented as a Carrier and reaching the critical maturing stages for his magic. James, as Lord Potter had bid him to call him back when little Harry was still a wee babe of only a year, had explained the various maturing stages of one's magic and since little Hadrian was quite powerful for even one as young as he was, there was a high chance he would gain what the Magical Folk(not Wizarding since both men and women could have magic; unlike the five Wizards he knows of) call a Creature Inheritance.

Creatures were anyone nonhuman or not a Man, but the could range in various shapes and forms. Hadrian was due soon to present and Bilbo could not bring himself to leave him alone, especially with Lobelia nipping around trying to oust the pair from their home. He might have come off a bit snappish with Gandalf, but he panicked. It in was much later when he found himself preparing a veritable feast for at least five Hobbits, that he realized he was subconsciously preparing for the Dwarves who would no doubt still show up at some point.

Hadrian came home from his flying lessons at supper and blinked confused for the feast. However after learning of Bilbo's impending guests and the looming option of an adventure, the young man was kind enough to help him where he could, making puddings and crumbles, helping to set the roast and bake bread. They got dressed in their best dinner party outfits and nibbled as they talked. Harry had sensed change was coming and even Mr. Mors, with whom he had been out flying with, had agreed that very soon their lives will change...

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