Loki x Harry ver. 1 Pt 1

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There was a sudden pulse that shook the whole city. It was so strong that the Chitauri began to collapse dead closest to where the pulse originated from. All electronic devices began to fail and if it wasn't because Tony had somehow stumbled upon David Bowie's twin brother, he was sure his arc would have stopped and he would be very much dead before he hit the ground. As it was, his Iron Man suit was not as protected and since he flew too close to the epicenter of the pulse, both the suit and Jarvis suddenly powered off and he was now stuck in free fall towards the ground. However, he is jerked harshly to a stop and set down on the ground a moment later thank to Hulk keeping him from becoming a Stark Pancake just off of 23rd street. The pulse was apparently strong enough to even knock the device offline and to close the portal. It also seems to have knocked Loki out as well. Meanwhile Thor flew toward the epicenter of the shockwave, wondering at the strength of this Battle Mage to have rendered his brother unconscious, even if momentarily so, but the sight that greeted him froze him solid in horror and blinding rage:

An oversized Bilgesnipe had a child, or what appeared to be a child, by the throat, throttling the poor thing. Even as a stick of a woman with an equine like face and an very fat woman trying to stop him, both screaming away as the fat pig of a young man watched on in horror. What enraged Thor was the clearly limp and unnatural rolling of the small child's head. Their eyes rolled into their head. A shimmer of green and gold appears at his side and he quickly grabs onto his brother's arm, his grip bruising and the mage can feel the rage about to boil over and the Berserker about to break free. Loki wastes no time flicking magic at the mortals, knocking them all away from the child. His clone appearing and administering first aid even as the Avengers converge on them, worried and confused.

"What the bloody hell do you think you are doing!? Stop this freakishness now!! That no good abomination caused this and deserves death!!!" The Bilgesnipe male bellows out as the Clone works on healing the Child, trying to revive them. But suddenly a second shockwave blasts out and the child floats into the air as a pair of great crystal wings of green and gold stain glass like feathers appear at his back. This draws a gasp from the Godly pair of brothers, the Berserker dropping to his knees and bowing his head as Loki slowly lets him go and walks forward.

"Hold it, Loki--" Steve begins, but stops when Thor grabs him and makes him yelp at the crushing grip.

"Don't, Brother's mate is not in danger...." The Berserker growls, voice like the deadly rumble of a storm.

Loki walks up to the floating form and carefully pulls the child, no the tiny young man into his arms and a third shockwave blasts out and suddenly he is pulled into the Land Between. Everywhere is blindingly white and he sees his tiny mate struggling against something even as the Personification of Death holds the other souls at bay, the Entity seemingly struggling to keep them back. He wastes no time and calls for Hela, the Goddess seeing the madness growls and strides forward to help the True Death keep the balance from tipping dangerously while Loki tends to the foul beast trying to maul his mate...

There is no telling how long Loki stood frozen, his beautiful Littler Bird held in his arms, powerful pulses of Magic sending out powerful shockwaves from them. Any Chitauri that survived collapsed dead as the magic spreads further and further out causing rolling blackouts. But the Avengers can do nothing but stand and watch, Hulk had to pry Tony free of his suit so he could at least run a battery powered scanner over the pair and is shocked by the readouts. Clint has his bow trained on the Dursleys, who are still making a fuss about Freaks and Freakishness. Every time they spew their vitriol he gets closer to giving into the impulse to shoot them all in the throat. But thankfully a sudden gasp and one last ground shattering pulse bursts out and Loki drops to a knee, carefully tucking the winged being close to his chest so he did not accidentally drop him. The young man was now sleeping peacefully in his arms, his throat horridly bruised and his voice box crushed for now, but his neck no longer hung at an unnatural angle, clearly having been healed by the True Death before they were set free of the Land Between.

Gasping for air, Loki slowly sits back, his brother's legs suddenly there to brace his back, the Berserker having stood over them most of the time and no one willing to fight him since he seemed much less inclined to listen to them. Feeling the currents of rage and electricity running where his back meets his brother's legs, Loki needs to calm him down before they can do anything further. Getting up slowly, holding his precious soulmate tightly, he turns to his brother and passes him to his brother. The Berserker carefully takes the frail being into his arms.

"You will make sure the AllFather does not find him or hurt him... I will go quietly if you can promise me this, Thor the Blood Warrior." He states without question, the blue gone from his eyes.

Thor bows low, careful to not harm the delicate being in his hold and says something in AllSpeak before Loki nods and sits down once more, his legs still feeling like jelly. He will wait right there to be taken back to Asgard, but he will gladly go knowing his soulmate will be safe, he's lost too much to the AllFather already, he will not lose this too...

Edited 4/18/2023

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