Legolas × Harry; Hobbit

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Bilbo Baggins was a young Tween when one late autumn night a strange sound startled him from his preparations for bed. His parents had passed not that long ago and he was unused to the new silence of Bag End, so certain sounds that had not bothered him before often startle him now. Hurrying to his door, certain it was his cousin, Lobelia, coming to harass him once more about giving her Bag End. But when he opens his door, a polite, but frosty retort on his tongue he blinks seeing a basket hanging from the light over his door. In it is a small babe, perhaps a year old. Bilbo's Carrier genes kicked in and he pulls the basket off the light with a quick tug of the simple knot and hurries inside.

There is a letter in the basket and he quickly pulls it out, opening it to see what it said even as he quickly got some milk out of his ice box and began to warm it on the embers in his kitchen fireplace. He stokes the fire and grabs his kettle as well, might as well put on a cuppa. He comes to sit by the basket and begins to read the letter.

'Good Evening, Master Baggins.

Forgive my rather rude interruption of your evening, but I felt it quite pressing. This child is a very special child and I know he will be well cared for in your hands. His name is Hadrian Potter, Harry for short. His parents were murdered earlier this evening and the killer is still on the loose looking for him. This was the only place I knew he would be safe. As he grows, be aware that he will be able to do things no one will be able to. Do not fear him and teach him to not fear himself. I will send you the needed supplies bi-monthly as he grows and will get him tutors as he needs them.

Hadrian will grow to be a very important figure to his people and will certainly help you in your life. This is a bit much, but I believe you have family who are attempting to steal your inheritance as well as possibly marry you off to some Gentle Hobbit. No worries they will not succeed. Your future lies beyond the comforts of home and familiarity. Please look after Little Master for me, again apologies for the suddenness of it all and my thanks.

H. Mors'

Bilbo blinked confused by the letter and turned to the babe only to startle when eyes a vivid green that was brighter than any of the hills in Hobbiton and deeper than his mother's favorite emerald broach, were looking at him. 'Hadrian' had thick black hair and was a well fed baby as one should be. He was dressed in clean jammies, which thankfully whoever Mr. Mors was, he had seen fit to clean the child up before bringing him to Bilbo, though why him was beyond his comprehension.

Carefully plucking up the babe, he blinks when he sees several items packed in with the child that should not have been possible without causing discomfort. However, Harry took his attention when he gives a sweet little coo and snuffles into Bilbo's neck and shoulder, a soft huffing sound.

"I am sorry for your lose, Harry, but I promise to do my best to keep you safe and happy... I swear it..." Bilbo says just before he resettles Harry down so he can have free hands to finish prepping the milk bottle and his tea...

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