Harem x Harry pt 2

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Severus ran up the driveway of Number 4 and rammed his whole body into the door, his inhuman strength allowing him to easily shatter through the weak wood. His home had ancient oak doors, solid and sturdy. It would take his true form a few tries to break one down. It certainly would provide better protection for the Omega, not that he was going to be leaving them here with these... filthy beasts. As soon as he's through the door, he sniffs around and snarls at the scents of blood, old hurt mixed with new and this miasma of fear, anger, and distress. Severus races up the stairs following the scent of Omega, heeding the call and pull of it. As soon as he get to the landing, he finds a door covered in 7 clocks and a cat flap. He barely thinks beyond the haze of red in his eyes, the sounds of distress and pain of the Omega mixing with his pounding heart. He, quickly grabs a crystal orb from his pocket and gives it a squeeze, it glows and he distantly hears a voice.

"Bartok, I found and Omega in distress, they are being held captive by Muggles. Come to Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, England of Terra. Bring Kyle." He hisses and shortly there is a curse and the orb starts to float on its own, clearly recording everything.

Severus doesn't bother to wait after that, he grabs the first lock and rips it free of the door with his taloned hand. The other taloned hand quickly doing the same to another. Severus rips them out, chucking the metal objects carelessly across the floor, careful to not damage them anymore than he already had so Bartok can gather evidence from them. Once the last lock was dropped at his feet, Severus dug his talons into the wood and tore it relentlessly from the frame. The whimpering cries, the pained whines and the coiling stench of fear clung to the back of his throat, fueling his rage and carelessness. As soon as Severus stepped into the room, his world shifted on its side and promptly slid into the void. Laying on the floor before him was Potter, but the boy was writhing on the floor and was in the middle of transforming. The stench of Omega heavily premating form the writhing figure on the floor. Severus is about to enter the room when a door slams open and there in the threshold is an incredibly obese man, who looks like he had been rudely pulled from his beauty rest. Severus glares and storms over to him, making the man freeze in both shock and fright as he looms ever closer. His face has paled with fright and turned purple with rage at the same time. Severus sneers at him, whipping his wand at him and he pales further at the unspoken threat.

"Do not test me, Muggle. Make a move or a sound and I will kill you where you stand." He spits out and turns to Harry Potter, who has finally fallen still, passed out, but he is still breathing. Thank the Goddess for small mercies. "I am taking the boy and you will do nothing to stop me..." He snarls darkly his wings snapping open behind him, they tower over his head and look menacing as his eyes brighten to a deadly gold and his pupils slit in threat at the human.

He slowly backs into the room; the fat man slowly moving with him, wary. Severus quickly pins the Muggle in a body bind against the wall once the fat oaf follows him into the room. Tossing a gag spell at him just for extra measure, he quickly turns to Po- Harry. His rage cools, banking at the edge of his Occlumency walls that he had to pull up and lock tightly in place so he can focus on the task at hand. The room was saturated in Harry's pain and fear, there were bitter, acrid notes of distress and sickness clinging to the back of Severus's throat. It ground him as he flicked his wand in calm, practiced ease. Soon parchment sheets began to appear, steadily growing thicker as the in depth medical scans mapped out the boy's heath since birth until now. As the pile grew, Severus felt himself pale and his stomach swoop painfully before lurching painfully back up. He nearly vomits as he realizes the lies he had been fed over the years, the depraved lengths Dumbledore was willing to go to keep his perfect "Golden Boy" under his control. Severus startles as the window behind him opens suddenly and two Djinns, one fire and the other ice, float in and freeze.

"Messers Weasley?" He asks in shock recognizing the Weasley Twins in their Creature forms, even if they look slightly different.

"Professor Snape?" They ask back just as shocked.

Hedwig flies in and to her bonded and flaps her wings worriedly when he does not wake or praise her for her quick thinking. She worried and it makes the three come back to reality. Severus saw the cases and quickly beckons them over.

"Please tell me you have healing potions...."

"Brewed them ourselves or bought them from reputable Creature Potioneers." They assure and open the cases beginning to pull out vials. Severus sighs in relief and begins checking the bottles. Recognizing some masters he either trained with or was trained by, knowing they would not sell anything remotely stale to their customers. So he easily starts the long process of healing the Omega.

He will solve the mystery of the twins later...

Severus has just stabilized Harry's condition when two more people arrive and he turns to see Bartok Claremore and two of his mates with him, his husband, Kyle and his wife Anna. The Tengu quickly comes forward with Anna, both setting to work on getting the first round of healing and medical scans going while Severus explains what happened that lead him here to Bartok, who quickly writes everything down while also casting his own spells around the house to gather more evidence before he spots Vernon who looks nearly apocalyptic with rage. Canceling the spells on him the fat man begins screaming at them to get out, to stop their Freakishness and that he will kill the damned brat and finally be done with all this freakishness! Everyone is stunned, minus the Twins, who have heard it all before when they rescued Harry two years ago. Fred's hair bursts into sudden flames as he flies at the Muggle, who screams in fright at the humanoid fireball while George has become a walking Ice Golem in his own rage and they glare at him, keeping him trapped between them.

"Those are the Weasley twins... They are close friends of the Omega..."

"I see... I need to finish gathering--"

"Who are all of you and what are you doing in my house!?" Screams a painfully familiar voice.

"Petunia, why am I not surprised..." Severus glares at her. "Lily Potter's sister..."

"Lily Potter... wait, this is Harry Potter?!" Kyle gasps, looking down at the nearly unrecognizable young man, who he carefully holding against his chest while his wife is taking pictures of his back and then carefully squeezing out as much pus as she can before rubbing healing salves on the wounds and wrapping his back.

"We need to get him to my lab back home... There is far too much damage." Anna pipes up.

"Go. I will bring the others with me as soon as I finish gathering everything to put these inhuman monsters away for good... Kyle, get Madam Bones and Sir Graves."

"Right away..." Kyle says and flies off quickly to go do as told.

"I want them buried... if not I will personally end them..." Severus growls as he waits, he would rather go after Potter and make sure the imp will be alright, but he will not be of much help and will in fact get in the way... 

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