Tom Riddle x Harry Potter

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The Kingdom of Hogwarts has had a long standing history of brilliance, delight and the Four ruling families had lead them with love and justice. Their Kings were Noble and Brave tempered with Cunning and Ambition. While their Queens were Hardworking and Compassion wrapped in Intelligence and Loyalty.

They raised beautiful families and taught some of the greaters figures in history. As time passed the royal families faded out and the Kingdome fell into a Regentcy. The castle falling dormant until a true heir is found. However the Regentcy eventually stopped looking, enjoying being in charge. It doesn't mean they did not send out searches to both appease the people and in hopes to gain access to the castle of Hogwarts and thus gain more power.

A few thousand years have passed since then and the new Regent believes he has finally narrowed down who the possible Heir(s) is and was making plans to make them sign over their birthright, but that would be after he eliminates the other possible heirs...

He sat in the dark, dingy pub waiting for his best spy and assassin, someone that no one would think twice about seeing them. He looks up when someone shuffles up and sits at the table not too far behind him, their backs to each other and a quick swish of a wand and all anyone saw was a poor crazy man rambling to himself and an elderly man just enjoying his evening meal.

"Did You eliminate the Prince and Gaunt Families?" He asks right away.

"Yes... Though it was no easy feat... There are to many people named Smith to accurately eliminate the right family, but I took out those from the main branch. The only family I have left is the Potters but they pretty much took themselves out when that fool Jedah Potter got that Luck Curse put on him. There are only two and they have had trouble having babies. So it will be easy..."

"Good... But perhaps let them have a child, we need an Heir to open Hogwarts up and then pass the reigns to me... Once I am the new King, then we can kill them off. Cannot have them later protest or the fools out voting me... As long as the blood lines are severed and the new King is crowned, my reign will be eternal."

"Fine, I will go keep my eyes on them... What about one of the sub families taking the throne?"

"They are only cadets. They lack the proper power and blood needed to claim the throne." He brushes off.

"Very well..."

The pair leave, unaware of the literal snake in the grass listening as it slithers off into the night...

The snake slips into the sleeve of a young man and whispers what they heard to him.

"So... They are looking for the Heirs and killing them... Too bad they do not realize there is only two... I need to find them and protect them..." He says as he looks at a photo of a young boy and a baby...

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