Harem x Harry

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Harry whimpered as he lay on the floor, his body was feverish and yet felt icy cold at the same time. Pain like a constant wave raced through him: his hair hurt, his skin hurt; everything hurt! He tries to not make a sound least he wake Uncle Vernon and get beaten to death. But it's a damned near thing as he bites back a sob, his back arching painfully as his world explodes again in pain. He is only thankful that he had managed to send Hedwig out on a hunt. Otherwise she would be here with him, worrying and very likely making a racket, trying to get her Wizard help. That would have resulted in them both dying. If he's dying, then he is glad she is out and away. Harry doesn't know that downstairs the grandfather has struck midnight and it is now the 31st of July and thus is his 14th birthday. He drifts through a haze of constant pain, ebbing and flowing in intensity that steadily increases. The longer time goes by, the more the painful it becomes and soon he cannot help but let out an unearthly scream as his whole body breaks and reforms over and over again...

He cursed foully as he stalked through the overly Muggle neighborhood, annoyed that his planned summer of solitude was interrupted by Dumbledore, who was concerned about that damned brat, Potter! The old codger had been vague at best and so low key blackmailing, at worse that Severus was left with little other choice but to go. After obtaining the location, Severus had gotten ready and had opted to fly there instead of any other means of transport. If the brat wasn't in danger, bleeding or dying, then he will regret ruining Severus's summer. He stalked up Privet drive until a scream sounded and his inner Dragon Viper hissed in anger. He knew that sound, it was the scream of an Omega in distress! Cursing lowly, Severus broke out into a run, wasting no time. Potter was gonna half to wait as he needed to find the Omega that was screaming in distress and get them to safety. To a Creature like him, an Omega was far more important than some spoiled little wannabe prince..

Hedwig knew something was going to happen, she had sensed it since her Harry-Chick reunited with the Not Dog and the Cursed Wolf. She had watched him carefully all summer, noticing how he ate less meat and more fruits and vegetables, whatever meat there was, he gave it to her and she had worriedly eaten it all. There was also how he seemed to layer his clothes more than normal, as if he couldn't get warm, despite it being dreadfully hot in their shared prison. He seemed to linger outside longer as well. She had detected the shift in his scent, the softer scent of a female, but something both feather and scaled. So when the fat Orc forgot to lock her cage and the window, her Harry-chick had quickly gotten her out and told her to go hunt and stay outside until it was time to go to the Fireheads house. So she had quickly found a mouse, not a filling meal, but she couldn't waste this opportunity. So here she was, flying as fast as she could towards the Fireheads Nest, taking advantage of her Hunt as a chance to find her Harry-chick's Djinns! They would be powerful enough and knowledgeable enough to aid her chick! The lopsided house came into view after nearly 2 hours of nonstop flying, she was tired and sore, but still she flew to the window that is always open to her. She flies in and is glad to see the Djinns awake so late, likely working on a new prank. She gives a sharp bark, getting their attention.

"Hedwig? What are you doing here, is there a letter?" The Ice Djinn asks while the Fire one quickly gets her water. She flaps her wings urgently and gives panicked barks. She looks from them to the window several times, trying to communicate her urgency and for them to follow her. "Did something happen to Harry!?" They ask as one and she nods. After that, they quickly pull a pair of bags from nowhere and climb onto the window. "Lead the Way, My Lady..." They tell her and she nods, takes flight and a pair of red and blue clouds follow her back to Surrey and back to her Harry-chick...

"Lucius!? What is happening!? Why is the Dark Lord screaming so!?" Narcissa asks her husband. She is frightened and not sure what to do.

"I do not know but whatever it is, he will want it found and either brought to him or destroyed... Take Draco and go to France for the rest of the summer, I will be fine..." Lucius says even as the Ice Phoenix holds the thrashing Dark Lord, turned Naga, down to his bed. He grunts when the thick and powerful tail lashes out and hits him, both trying to dislodge him and trying to wrap around him for some sort of comfort. "Be quick, my love. As soon as it is safe to come back, I will summon you! Go now!"

Narcissa wanted to protest but he was right. She quickly flees and is gone with their son not long after. The Dark Lord soon passing out in a dead faint that had the ice bird momentarily panicking. Whatever was happening, had better prey Lucius did not get his claws on them. He will need to call Severus to come take a look at the Dark Lord...

Feline eyes snap open as the newly reborn humanoid sat up, looking to the northeast. He slowly crawls out of the dead body of a pregnant Jaguar, covered in blood and viscera. A woman dressed in a Priestess dress and jewelry walks forward and bows before she begins to clean him off and dresses him. He nearly walks out of the ritual temple, towards the call, however the priestess stops him, her tight grip on his shoulder prevents him from following the Call. She instead hands him the dead heart of his pseudo mother and he begins to eat it, still looking toward the Northeast.

"My mate..." he rumbles out, a low growl filling his chest.

"Calm, Lord Balam. You are new to this world, much has changed since your last visit here. Now, put this on..." She says as she hands him a cloak...

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