Tony Stark x Harry Potter x Loki

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Yinsen knew he would not live, there was never an option to live. His beloved wife and their children had been murdered by the Ten Rings. However, if he could save Tony Stark, then he would die without regrets. In the time since the young billionaire had been brought in and Yinsen was forced to operate on him to keep him from dying due to the shrapnel in his chest from one of his own warheads exploding not even 3 yards from him. The genius had been lucky to have survived the initial blast and that the Leader of the Ten Rings was willing to keep him around, despite how mouthy and bratty the young man has been acting. Over the weeks they spent together, Yinsen realized that the young man was so much more than he portrayed to the public. He's seen firsthand, Tony's genius, had helped him in fact and especially after everything Tony saw and learned about the ugly side of war and his weapons, Yinsen knows that he must get him out of here. As the guards hammered at the door to their cell, shouting for someone to get one of the blowtorches to cut through the metal, Yinsen double checks the computer and sees it is still booting the systems of the suit they had hastily built over the last week under the pretense of building the Jericho Rockets that the Terrorist group wanted.

There was a sound from the door that didn't sound good, Yinsen comes to a quick decision then, getting up and hurrying towards the back of the cell. Tony knows that they shared the room with two others, but Yinsen had forbade him from going near there, not that the car battery had really allowed him to go very far since it was so heavy. However he cannot help but be curious and a bit amprehensive when he sees Yinsen come back out with someone who had blue skin, or just liked blue body paint, who looked painfully skinny and clearly suffering from heat exhaustion, if not outright heat stroke. The pair made their way towards the computer and helped him settle into the seat.

"Yinsen?" Tony asked so many questions in that one word. He can only watch since he was unable to move in the suit.

"He was found upon one of the snowy peaks and has been here long before I have... I was the next one here and there is one other... but he will not allow even me near them.. He looks weak, but he can and will hurt anyone who comes near them..." Yinsen tells him, trying for reassuring, but based off the grimace on Tony's face, he failed.

"Yinsen..." the person speaks in a strange language, but Yinsen seemed to understand him as he left him to sit by Tony, who was watching the load up screen, the sounds of the guards hammering away on the door, trying to break into the room, making him grow even more ansty than he was already feeling.

He saw Yinsen move back into that section and pull out a briefcase of some kind. It looked big enough to hold maybe a few days worth of clothes and there was a beautiful white raptor sitting on his shoulder(how he missed the white owl is beyond him), smoldering golden eyes with flecks of green in them looked at him with an inhuman level of intelligence. It felt like she was sizing him up, deciding if she wanted to gouge his eyes out or simply roll with things.

"It's at 60%... Shit, they are almost through..." Tony curses as a particularly concerning groan from the doors sounded.

"I will buy you time." Yinsen says firmly, grabs up a gun that he had put together from the spar parts and set the charges on the door. The blue skinned man grabbing the case as the owl flapped over to sit on the case, still staring into his soul with that unnerving look in her eyes. He's not even sure how he knows she is a female, but he highly doubts she's male.

"Yin--" Tony tries to protest.

"Stop, mortal... his time has come and he is willing to face his fate head on... what do you need right now?" the blue man speaks up, getting up and moving to look at the few pieces that need to put into place, helmet included, while also keeping an eye on the computer and Yinsen, who's finished putting the charges and wiring them, moving behind a outcropping to keep from getting caught in the blast.

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