Loki x Harry Potter ver. 2 Pt 1

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The day had been going well thus far. His latest shipment of potion supplies had arrived and he got them set up for sale, he brewed his next batch of potions and had spent the slow morning preparing food and his tea blends for the afternoon rush. It was a late spring day, so it was sunny and warm, nothing seemed like it would go wrong. However Harry knew better than to doubt that it would remain so. And lo and behold, not even a hour into his lunch time rush did a sudden explosion rock the area. Harry quickly pressed the buttons for dropping the security grates over his shop's windows while an employee opened the doors to the cellar, which would hold more than it appeared, but also was connected to the service tunnels of the subway system. Harry called out to his panicking costomers to only grab their phones and as they head down into the cellar, grab a flashlight and a pack that held sleeping bags, first aid kits and ERMs and follow Bianca, his employee through the tunnels and to not stray or leave since the city is under attack. With that he turned to head out the door and began to funnel as much civilians off the streets as possible, especially children.

Harry helped everyone he could outside of his little dinner/ occult shop, get into the magically warded and enhanced building. Having activated the wards once he stepped out the doors and creating a bubble of nearly impenetrable protections around corner of the block his shop was set up on. Magicals noticed it and quickly headed towards it while the intention wards would gently influence the Muggles to seek safety within the building. The attack came from nowhere and the city was in chaos. Harry had not seen any former Death Eaters or even Dumbledore Zealots running around demanding to know where he was. So it couldn't be them attacking, but then one of the creatures that was attacking the city landed outside of his barrier and tried to attack, only to get disintegrated when it tried to break the barrier. So it either saw it or senses it. Good to know. as the flood of people began to slow down and finally trickle off, Harry guessed this was some sort of Alien invasion due to the strangeness of the creatures and the far too highly advanced weaponry they were using. Once he had the last person he could find safely tucked into the building, he slipped out to the edge of the barrier where he felt someone trying to break in. The man was dressed in black from head to toe, with green accents and golden armor. His eyes were an unnatural blue color and the young immortal knew it because of the swirling miasma surrounding him.

"You created this?" He sneers and eyes him up and down.

"Yes, issue?" Harry asks back, cocking a brow.

"... Impressive, for a mortal." He says and then smirks, creating a clone inside of the barrier who quickly grabs Harry's face. "And you are very beautiful... Perhaps I shall make you my consort."

"Sorry, but if you really wanna date me, you should get rid of your tag alongs."

And before the man could react, the clone was dispersed and he was sent flying with a wandless, wordless Bombarda as Harry grabbed the Elder Wand and spun it in his hand, the wand growing into an impressive scythe. Death appeared at his side and she was not impressed with this lastest courting attempt.

"He goes too far, using my baby brother to court me... Shall we kill these Chitauri Roaches, my sweet master?" She asks in a low seductive tone.

"Yes, only because your brother owes me tea." Harry huffs, quickly cutting his way through the Chitauri to get to Loki, who was dazed from the surprise attack...

Loki was dazed from the sudden attack by the mortal, two Chitauri coming to pick him up and soon he was airborne. He was certain this was wrong, but he couldn't break free of the fog long enough to think straight. This was so wrong, he should be in the void, should have been crushed and his remains eventually creating a new star once the last of his immortal essence faded away. He was supposed to have died, to atone for his sins and machinations, but also so he does not need to continue living a lie. How could he continue to live knowing his life was all a lie and he was no prince, but a living war trophy for the man he had always thought of as his father? But had Odin ever been a father to him? He always praised Thor but berated Loki. Even when Loki showed he was smarter and better suited to politics, his brother was the one fawned over. Only his mother, could he still call Queen Frigga that, he wonders, ever had a kind word for him, defended him and treated him like he mattered. Thor, even if he was too brash, too foolish and arrogant, was always his constant companion. They were brothers and often fought, but also looked out for one another, protected one another.


Where was Thor?

Why is his head hurting?

Why are his memories so twisted!?

Make it stop!!


Loki isn't fully aware of what is happening around him, but suddenly the headache lifts and he gasps as his mental mindscape lightens and the twisted ruins are slowly being healed and remade into what they had been before. Twisted memories smoothing out, complicated feelings and mixed emotions being soothed and calmed. The fog is being cleared away and the pain is easing until he blinks and sees the twisted parody of himself struggling in glowing chains as a beautiful being stands before it and seems to be calmly dismantling it. Slowly sitting up, Loki gets up and for the first time in long time, he feels... lighter, so much freer. While somethings in his past will forever remain tainted and complex feelings arise when he thinks too long on them, but now he doesn't feel the compulsion to destroy and maim, however his memories of the last few days tell him that regardless of his newfound mental freedom, he will be made to atone for the crimes of another through him. And he knows Odin will gladly punish him since Loki escaped his original punishment by attempting to commit suicide. Closing his eyes as the twisted version of himself created by The Other was finally destroyed with one last screech, and when he blinks again, he is laying in a crater, his bones aching and sore, he feels like he was battered and more than certainly bruised. However when icy green eyes blinked open he was not expecting to see hypnotic green eyes like Witch Lights and the most brilliant emeralds ever found swirled into one.

"I hope you're you again, I expect to be thoroughly wooed if your offer to court was genuine. If not, I will be thoroughly disappointed." The young man states and Loki feels himself blush before he's being carefully pulled up into a sitting position. "Drink these, they taste like shite, but I promise, they work wonderfully."

Loki is surprised to see elixirs within fine crystal vials and the unmistakable feeling of magic within them. pulling out the stoppers, he drinks them all, a mild grimace on his handsome face as his mysterious savior gives a beatific smile back.

"Good, now you rest here while I go deal with the rest of these annoyances... I am Hadrian Potter by the way..."

"Loki of.... well nowhere anymore..." Loki says, but realizes he has nowhere to belong to now.

"Loki... as in God of Mischief? Oh man, George and Fred will go absolutely bonkers when they hear you're very much real!" Hadrian laughs beautifully and Loki is beginning to think 'beautiful' is not a good enough description for the young magic user before him. "Stay, I will be back."

With that Hadrian stands and walks to the shattered windows and in a moment has mounted a broom and flies out into the ongoing battle. Loki slowly climbs to his feet and opts to begin cleaning up the mortal living area, needing something to do, but still weak and dazed from his bizarre encounter. He doesn't recalling asking to court, but if Hadrian Potter wishes it, then Loki will gladly court such a brilliant vision of beauty....

He will need to come up with a brand new word for Beautiful because it's really not befitting of his lovely savior...

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