Chapter 12

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___________________Chapter 12_____________________________

   I was discharged from the hospital at around eight. I knew mom was home by now and probably freaking out. Leo offered to drive me home and I agreed, knowing mom would be even angrier if she had to pick me up.

  The twins had texted me while I was asleep, saying they'd be home for dinner. I was now sitting in Leo's sleek, black Toyota, staring out the window. The world blurred past, lights and buildings mixing together.

  Leo was leaning back, relaxed, his hands barely gripping the wheel. There was an ever-present smirk on his face.

  I wanted to smack it off.

  The scene at the hospital was on a constant replay in my head, making me blush every few seconds.

  "Heh." Leo gave a short chuckle. I glared at him, my face turning red. I didn't even have to do anything and he made fun of me. Jerk. 

  "That-" He paused, speaking for the first time since we entered the car.

"Was so fun!" He yelped, guffaws filling the car.

  I flushed with chagrin. That seemed to fuel his laughter.

  His laugh was enchanting, begging me to laugh along with it.

I cracked a smile and whacked him in the arm. Hard.

   He looked at me, appalled. Yet, amusement danced behind his hazel eyes. I could have sworn they were sparkling even in the dark car.

 "You dare hit the driver?"

 I smiled even wider.

  "Smile now. But, what if I..." He trailed of, grinning like a maniac.

 The road we were on was desolate and Leo used this to his advantage. He jerked the steering wheel, not really trying to crash, but trying to be funny.

 The problem was that I had a flash of memory, to the car crash. How dad was smiling and we were side-swiped by that semi. The still image of glass shattering took up my thoughts.

  "Cora?" Leo asked, pulling me from the memory. A look of comprehension dawned on his face.

 "Oh Dammit. I'm such a douche! I'm sorry Co. Damn." He apologized.

 I pasted a smile on my face, not letting him know how scared I was on the inside. I shrugged in a 'whatever' way and turned my gaze back out the window.

  We reached the house not many minutes later. Leo was quiet the rest of the ride and I didn't try to change that. I shoved the car door open and hopped out, meeting Leo by the hood.

  He was pouting, lower lip jutting out. I rolled my eyes, even though I was thinking it was adorable.

  "I'm really sorry, Cora. Please don't be mad."

 I raised my eyes and shook my head, not believing he was still apologizing. I whipped out my phone and texted him.

  Stop apologizing Leo, It's fine. Okay?

 He read it and looked up at me, grinning. I smiled back and it was real. I stepped up the porch steps, not even realizing Leo was following.

  Mom flew to the front door, Luke and Kaylah on her heels. They all stopped short when they saw me. What? I turned around and Leo stood there, scratching his neck. Oh. That.

  I raised my hand slightly, gaining their attention. The twins looked star-struck while mom just looked awed. Oh, God. Please get it together! Mom shook out her blonde hair and stuck her hand out.

  "Hello, I'm Rachel, Cora's mother." He voice was excited and bubbly. She looked about ready to pounce. The twins bounded forward.

 "Hi!" They spoke at the same time. Then they glared at each other shortly, before turning back to a smiling Leo.

  "I'm Kaylah."

 "'Sup. I'm Luke."  

  "I've seen you two around school." Leo observed, seeming totally at ease.

 "Are you Cora's boyfriend?" Mom wondered aloud. Wow, she's blunt. I cursed her internally.


 I glowered at Leo and he laughed.

  "I was joking, Mrs Markings." Yeah, you better be.

 Mom frowned a little, but perked up after a minute.

   "Would you like to stay for dinner?"  She asked, blue eyes shining.

   My eyes widened and I cursed her even more. I gave Leo a look that said 'Don't you accept.'

He didn't even glance over.

 "I would love to, but I have to be home soon."

Thank God.

  "Another time, then." Mom pushed.

"Definitely." He responded, smirking at me.

  I sighed as my family left us alone.

 "They're... interesting." He complimented, holding in laughter.

  I glared up at him and swore my eye twitched in annoyance.


  He backed up, putting his hands in front of his body.

  "Geez, don't eat me."

 I rolled my eyes and my lips tilted upwards in a soft smile. I took a few steps forward to open thedoor for him.

Leo chuckled and stepped outside.  

"Don't get too close, don't want you to die." He teased, with a wink.

 My jaw dropped at his comment, cheeks heating up immediately. He skipped back a few steps and ducked when I hurtled the nearest object at him. An umbrella.


 I slammed the door and slid it down, trying to restore the normal color back to my face.   

   Against my wishes, I gave a small giggle. It was breathy and had very little sound, but I heard.

  What. A. Jerk.

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