Chapter 16

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"She's mine."

  The crowd had gotten over their excitement and was dispersing quickly. My head was still swirling and my heart was fluttering. God, when did I become such a sap?

 The two words he said suddenly slammed into my brain. I'm who's now?

Matt got up and wiped his nose again, winked at me and earned a growl from Leo. He smirked at Leo and sauntered down the hall. I stepped away from Leo's side, scolding myself when I missed his warmth.

 I turned to look at him, only the two of us in the empty hall. He didn't meet my eyes, though his body was facing mine. I whipped out my phone, even more pissed than usual that I couldn't talk.

  Care to explain?

His phone binged and he read over the text, sighing slightly. He lifted his head and looked at me intently with those hazel orbs.


I waited. I made sure my face was composed, I was supposed to seem mad. I didn't want him to know on the inside my insides were bubbling and my heart was in my throat.

 "Just.. he isn't a good guy and I didn't want anyone to think bad of you. Sorry about the kiss." He admitted, looking down again.

 My little smile dropped.  Wait, sorry? What did he mean....Oh. He didn't mean it like that. He was just worried. Like a friend should be. Nothing more.  I felt tears prick my eyes. They were more out of anger, than sadness. I was a little sad too but, more pissed that I had been played.

 My eyes filled. This was a big deal, considering I hadn't cried since dad's funeral. The lunchroom by no means counted, they weren't real. I hadn't really cried in over 5 years.

  Leo glanced up and noticed my watery eyes. He looked startled. He took a step towards me, reaching out a hand. That was probably the worst thing to do right then. I jumped backwards and looked at him angrily. He looked even more startled and hurt than before.

 "I said I didn't mean it." He tried, reaching out the hand again.

 I slapped it with more force than necessary. He pulled it back, expression bewildered. I stooped down and picked up my backpack, getting closer to him. I stepped up to his face, anger setting loose in the cruelest way possible.

 He seemed entranced, captured by my close proximity. Good.

  I lifted my hand, staring right into his hazel eyes, and wiped my lips with the back of my sleeve, making a disgusted face. Pain flashed across his face before it hardened, but I could still see the hurt in his eyes.

I turned before I could regret it, and ran down the hall, backpack in hand.


  The rest of the day was filled with whispers and stunned looks, all directed towards me. I ground my teeth harder than ever and slipped out the front doors, ignoring the cat calls and wolf whistles.

 My head was throbbing and I was in no mood for perverts. A guy approached me and I didn't bother looking up, I just twisted his wrist and let him drop. I kept walking through the lot, wondering where all this attention came from.

 Probably Matt. And Leo.

Just thinking about him I felt my cheeks heat up and my chest constrict in anger. Of course I was played. Just like Chelsea.

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