Chapter 19

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 I felt someone breeze past me and my arm shot out, catching Leo's hand. He looked at me and growled under his breath. My gaze focused and I shook my head at him, glaring a little.

 God, this boy can't take someone even talking to me! But, still, there was no need for another fight. I crouched down, picking up the board that had managed to slip through my fingers - one hand still holding Leo's tightly. Partly because I was afraid he would beat the crap out of Matt and partly because I enjoyed the feeling. I stuffed the board into my backpack and heaved it up higher onto my shoulder.  

  Still clutching his hand, I pulled us to our first period. I kicked the door in, nodding to Eli and Melanie, who were the only ones in the class. They were huddled in the back, whispering and laughing. They stopped and watched me. Melanie had a small smile and Eli raised his eyebrows suggestively. 

  I blushed and pulled Leo into the corner of the room. I pushed his back into the corner where two walls met and placed a finger on his chest. I glared up at him, my expression clearly saying 'explain.'

  He down stared at me, nearly 4 inches taller, his hazel eyes dangerous. I caught my breath at our close proximity, feeling my heartbeat stutter. I skipped back a step, glaring even harder.

  He smirked at me and I wondered if he knew what I was thinking just then. With a shake of my head, I cleared the thoughts, making more room for anger. Who did he think he was, trying to charge past  me like that?

I pulled out my cell phone, feeling his gaze on me, and pecked away on the keyboard.

  His phone binged and he paused in his smirking to check it. It faltered and I knew the words he was reading.

 What the hell?! You think you can go around and try to attack other people?! He was just talking to me! For god's sakes, Leo!

 He looked up at me with wide puppy dog eyes. He seemed a little hurt, though it was hidden in the back of his eyes. I felt a rush of regret.

Maybe I shouldn't have been so mean.

 With swift hands, I re-typed a quick message.

 Sorry, Sorry. It's just that you need to calm down sometimes. 'kay? I didn't mean to be a bitch.

 Leo skimmed over the apology text and smiled, reaching out to touch my face. His hand touched my cheek gently and it took all my power to not lean into his warm palm. I heard Melanie giggle in the back of the room and I flushed, taking a farther step back.

 I whipped my head around to glare at her, noticing how she wasn't even looking my way. In fact, her back was to me. She was laughing with Eli, blind to the rest of the world, it seemed. Eli gave me a look and a smirk over her shoulder and snapped back to what she said.

 I smiled at how oblivious she was to everything else.

How cute.

Wait - was I like that?

Completely entranced whenever Leo was around?

I risked a look back at Leo to see he was watching Melanie and Eli, a ghost of a smile on his lips.

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