Chapter 13

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 "Come on, Cora," Luke called from downstairs. "We don't wanna be late for school!"
 No duh. I ran a brush through my black hair one more time and thumped down the stairs. Luke gave me an annoyed look, but I knew he wasn't serious. Kaylah bumped into from behind and looked up at me, blushing.

  "Sorry sis." I smiled and grabbed the keys off the counter. I jingled them in front of Luke's face and skipped out the door. We all piled into the car and I shifted gears, heading out.

"Last night was fun," Kaylah commented in an offhanded tone. I ground my teeth, more in embarrassment then anger. After coming back inside, I was grilled with questions. Awkward questions.

'Do you like him?' Kaylah asked. My cheeks burned and I shook my head. Luke stepped up the weirdness.

'Is he your boyfriend?' My brother asked, protectively. I shook my head again. Mom out-shined both of them and pretty much scarred me for life.

'Are you being safe?' My eyes nearly bulged out of my sockets and I escaped to my room.

I snapped back into reality, nearly missing the turn into the school. I parked, waving to the twins as they scurried away to their friends. I walked over to where I spotted Eli and Melanie chilling.

I raised my hand, getting Eli's attention. He waved back and nudged Melanie. She looked up and smiled, waving as well. Their eyes suddenly widened and they pointed behind me. I spun around to see the popular's sauntering towards me. I'm pretty sure they were trying to look frightening, but they seemed to be trying too hard.

The blonde who controled the group neared me, what was her name again? Chelsea... something. Ahh, whatever. I turned and took the few last steps to Eli and Melanie, handing them my backpack. Melanie looked scared for me while Eli just smirked and wished me luck.

  They grew closer, Chelsea's glare never left my face. I stepped forward again, waiting for them to arrive. I had enough of this. I felt something shift in me, a change. I was ready. I was ready to show them and everyone else who had ever teased me.

  I don't where the sudden confidence came from, but I didn't question it. I let it flow through me, from my fingertips to my toes. I stood taller and Chelsea stood right in front of me. If she wanted a fight, she was gonna get it.

  "What do we have here?" She squealed, voice ringing my ears. I rolled my eyes and shifted my weight over, putting a hand on my hip as if to say bring it on.

  "Oh, my. Look who's suddenly confident." She smirked. I sighed in complete annoyance.

"Didn't you get it last time? No. Body. Likes. You."

  I still stood and put a hand over my heart in fake pain. Chelsea took a step forward, expecting me to stumble back. I didn't. Her crowd 'ohhhh'd' at my outright defiance.

  "Back off." She spat, and I raised an eyebrow. I held a hand out behind me without turning around and Melanie placed my board there. I put up the 'one second' sign and wrote something down.

  No. I think the one who needs to back off, is you. Bitch.

  I turned it around for all to see, for a crowd had begun to gather. Sure, the last part was a little much, but she deserved it. After all, she scared everyone who tried to defy her and I was getting tired of it.

  She gasped and flushed in anger. I raised my brow again, daring her. She raised a manicured nail and slapped the board from my hands. The crowd went eerily silent. I saw someone push through the group and saw familiar dark brown hair. Leo caught my eyes for a moment and I turned back to the girl in front of me, still surprised she slapped it away.

  She sneered at me.

 "What? You gonna go cry to daddy?" My chest tightened slightly but, she continued.

"Oh, wait. You can't, he's dead." My facade broke and I felt something inside me snap. Oh, this bitch just pushed me too far. She smirked, thinking it was funny. No one in the crowd laughed. They were too startled.

  She looked around at them and I took my chance. I lifted my hand and without a second thought, brought it down across her cheek. Nearly everyone gasped and Chelsea turned to me, hand-print on her cheek. I bit my lip to keep from laughing but, a wide smile broke out across my face.

  Sorry Dad, I thought.

 The blonde in front of me let out an enraged squeal and jumped on me. Well, she asked for it. We tumbled to the dirty ground, her on me. She scratched my face a few times before I threw her off, standing.

  We circled each other. I faked right and jumped left, surprisingly graceful. We fell again, but now I was on her back, her face in the dirt. She squirmed and I pulled her arms behind her back.

  She was still spouting useless knowledge about my late father. Ugh, I was tired and pissed off, not to mention hurt. I didn't let anyone around see the pain but, on the inside I was screaming and crying.

  After about a minute of me having her in this hold she flipped over and knocked me off. I was on the ground and she sprang up, attempting to salvage some dignity. She came at me again but, I spun, knocking out her legs.

  She dropped down, but stood up again. Damn. I jumped up and sprinted behind her, grabbing her arms. She managed to say one last thing before I ended it.

 "Daddy never loved you and Leo won't either." I knew it wasn't true of course, at least the first part. I pinched a pressure point at the back of her neck and held it for eight seconds until she passed out.

  She dropped down like a rock. I yawned and looked at the frightened faces of the crowd. I waved at them and smiled, some of them laughed and congratulated me, others still looked scared. Where were the teachers?

  I risked a glance around and no adult approached me. I shrugged and grabbed my backpack from Melanie. She and Eli patted me on the back proudly. Someone approached me from behind and blew out a sigh, their breath tingling my neck.

  I spun and smiled at Leo. He glowered at me disapprovingly and handed me my board.

 What? You're not proud?

  He read my questions and sighed again, running a hand through his hair.

 "No, No. I'm proud," He lilted, eyes twinkling. My heartbeat heightened.

  "But, did you really have to drop her like that?" He asked, gesturing to the hump of blonde nestled in the dirt.

  I shrugged and neared Chelsea's sleeping form. I bent over and moved some hair out of her face, feeling a little, tiny, bit sorry. She snored a little in her sleep and I frowned.

  I poked her side a little then walked away, noticing her group coming to wake her. Leo fell into step with me, casually throwing an arm over my shoulder. I looked up at him and he glanced down at me, a smile on his face.

  I lifted my hands and pinched Leo's cheeks like a baby. He glared at me playfully and smacked my hands away.

 "Hey, Hey back off." He joked. I rolled my eyes and gently ducked under his arm.

"Remind me to never get you mad, okay?" He teased.

  I nodded.

I threw one more glance backwards, watching blondie being hauled to her feet by her friends.

Before I could feel any more guilt, I turned forward again, sighing.

  Part of me felt angry, a larger part felt pained and hurt.

Then there was the small part who felt bad. A really small part.

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