Chapter 24

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The rest of the night flew by, and Wednesday morning came too soon. My thoughts were still scattered from last night. I flushed as I pulled a brush through my hair, remembering Leo's challenge. Whatever, I was gonna hold out much longer than he was.

 With a determined 'hmph' I walked down the stairs, grabbing an apple from the fridge, eating it thoughtfully. Now, how was I going to get him to give in? There was silence in the kitchen besides my chewing. The quiet lasted a few minutes while I finished my apple, no specific plan coming to mind.

 Footsteps came pounding down the stairs as I chucked the core away, pausing. There was only one set of feet. Kaylah appeared in the doorway of the kitchen, a worried look plastered onto her face.

 "Luke's sick." She said, sounding winded. I widened my eyes and took off upstairs, dropping my bag by the counter. Luke is rarely ever sick. In fact, none of us really got sick, we somehow managed to stay healthy and evade germs. I was immediately troubled. Out of all of us,  Luke was the most reserved, he probably would'nt have even said anything. That's how he is. Selfless, caring, always keeping to himself. In fact, even though he was younger, he was somewhat like a role model to me- though I'd never tell him that.

 I knocked on his door carefully, but got no response. I pushed his door open and spotted his sleeping form easily, he was huddled under a heap of blankets, even though only one was needed.

 I tip-toed across the room and placed a hand on his forehead, recoiling it when he nearly burned my hand. I sighed and left, heading back towards my room. I pulled off my jeans and tee shirt, changing into gray sweats and a black tank top, knowing I wasn't going to school today.

 I skipped back downstairs and grabbed my keys, before pulling on black Chuck Taylors. Kaylah glowered at me while getting into the passenger seat.

 "I have to go, but you don't?" She said, pouting and looking out the window while I started up the car.

 I pulled out my phone before starting to drive and tapped away at the keys.

  I'm older, know more about getting him well, and can catch up my work easily- Miss C in math.

 "Fine." She breathed, reading it over. I smiled at her gently, kicking the car into gear. We were late already, thanks to Kaylah's slow warning about Luke and my changing. I weighed my options quickly, Make Kaylah later and stop by the store first, or drop her off then go to the store.

 I glanced at her still slightly pouting face and rolled my eyes, deciding to delay our trip further. I pulled off at the pharmacy by the next light and parked, reaching inside the glove compartment for my wallet. Kaylah looked at me and smiled cheekily, jumping out of the car. I rolled my eyes and got out as well.

 Kaylah started singing quietly about 'lalalate for schooool.' I just walked through the automatic doors and steered towards the medicine aisle. I observed the dozens of choices, wondering why the hell they couldn't have one medicine that did everything?

 In the end, I grabbed a bottle of NyQuil and DayQuil, along with some aspirin and regular cough syrup. Kaylah skipped to my side as we headed out the door, a grin on her face. Who knew skipping school could make this girl so happy?

 Her grin disappeared as soon as I pulled into the school parking lot, parking the car.

"You have to sign me in? I'm a sophomore."

 I shot her a look and texted her, while locking the car.

 Would you rather deal with mom?

 She shivered visibly and shook her head, holding the door to the office open for me. I walked in, Kaylah right behind me. The secretary didn't give me any questions as to why I was skipping out today, which I was thankful for. She did however, give me an odd task.

 "According to your first period teacher, Cora, you have a paper due today. He wants you to go up and grab the guideline for it." She spoke to me with a soft tone of voice, obviously trying to not upset me. I glanced down at my clothes and groaned internally. I texted Kaylah, who had paused in her leaving to listen.

 "Cora wants to know if she HAS to go."

 The secretary sighed, offering me a tentative smile, pushing up her glasses.

"Unless you want an F, I would suggest it. Don't worry, you look cute." She said, giving me a wink. I forced a smile at her and turned on my heel, ignoring my sister's giggles. I headed out of the office and down the corridor, seriously deliberating on weather the good grade was worth it. 

 I then facepalmed, when I realized how short my tank top was, something I failed to notice before. It rode up on my stomach, showing the bottom part of my belly button. I wasn't at all ashamed of my toned stomach, but more angry that I probably looked like a whore on accident.

 I cursed Kaylah in my mind, wondering why she hadn't warned me. Then her overly-happy giggles actually made sense. Oh, she was so gonna get it later. I desperately tried to pull my tank top down, which resulted in the shirt dipping lower, almost showing my bra.


 I decided that showing a little midriff was much better than my boobs popping out of my shirt and fixed it back to the way it was before. I grimaced at the reactions I was most likely to get, considering

I barely ever wore tight clothing before and now I was.. well, showing it all off. I laughed breathlessly, hoping Luke would be okay enough until I got back.

 What if he woke up? Oh, I hope he's not too sick. Maybe it'll pass fast. I had no idea, I only knew that he had a fever, considering he was still asleep. While these thoughts ran though my hand, I barely noted that I had opened the door and stepped into the classroom, until complete silence engulfed me.

 The door clicked shut behind me and I became aware of my surroundings with a start. Urgh. All eyes were on me and they were wide. The girls gave me dirty looks, except for Mel, who was mouthing 'You go girl!'

 Every guy was looking surprised, even a familiar pair of hazel eyes I would know anywhere. Leo stared right into my eyes after appraising my outfit with a lopsided grin. His cheeks flushed lightly at being caught while I raised an eyebrow, feeling like this could be very useful in a later plan.
 He smirked at me and I returned it, making his falter. With a cheeky grin, I walked towards Mr. Markey's desk while he handed me a piece of paper wordlessly.

 "If tank tops and sweatpants get the class this quiet, I should wear them." He said in an undertone to me, sending me a knowing smile. I bit my lip to keep from laughing, but a small laugh escaped me, surprising everyone in the room.

 An awkward silence was created and I gave a half wave to the still silent class, smiling at Leo, Eli, and Melanie. With that, I fled form the classroom, taking a second to lean against the wall, breathing deeply.

 Why would anyone want to be popular? I mean, if all everyone does is stare at you - isn't that a bit weird? With a shrug I headed back outside, ready for a day of playing nurse.

 Yet, in the back of my mind, I was still forming a few plans for out little bet. And none of them involved Leo winning.

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