Chapter 11

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I have to tell you, I really love this chapter. Thank you my fans(: I love you guys ! You make this all possible!


"There you go!" Leo exclaimed cheerfully, patting my now gauze-covered hand. I pulled one side of my lips up in a thoughtful smile. We sat just outside a 7-11 on the corner of Macintosh.

Thanks. I typed. His phone binged.

 "Anytime." He said, winking. I stood up quickly, only to stumble over. Huh? There was a ferocious throbbing between my eyes, the sure sign of a head-ache. I lost my balance and slipped.

 "Whoa." Leo breathed, shooting his hands out to catch me, standing as well. I was dipped slightly back and Leo was holding me tightly.

 "You okay?" He asked, entirely too close. I hopped out of his arms like a rabbit, nodding in reassurance. The squeezing in my stomach faded away but left me confused. Did I hate him so much that my heart stopped? Hmm. I don't think so? I mean, he's my friend so, no.

  I set myself upright again, but the world was still at a tilt. Hold it together, Cora! There was a soft ringing in my ears and Leo tried to talk to me. His voice sound too far away. Saying something like 'Are you alright?'. His face grew frightened as I stumbled backward.

  I felt myself pitch backwards, feeling like I was falling forever. What was going on? The throbbing ache grew inside my head, encompassing every crevice and crack left. Pain clouded over every other feeling.

   I waited for my head to crack against the sidewalk, but it never came. I squinted my eyes open and looked at Leo's face, entirely too close again. He had his cell phone cradled between his ear and shoulder, looking adorably concerned.

  I tried to smile, but nothing happened. A wave of pain washed over me, so gruesome I whined. Leo's eyes widened in awe. Well, with the waves of agony lapping at my senses, the slight ache in my throat was nearly a relief.

  I felt my eyes begin to close. Ahh, the pain was going away. How nice. Darkness blanketed over the anguish, practically shielding me. A voice cut through my peace, loud and sharp.

 "You stay awake, Goddammit!" My eyes barely cracked open, but I was greeted with Leo looming over me looking mad. His Hazel eyes were fiery. But, it hurt! I summoned all the strength left and reached up, gliding my hand softly across his cheek. His expression softened at my touch.

  Then I passed out.


  A steady beeping on my left woke me up. I wanted to reach over and smack it off. But, it didn't sound like an alarm clock? I sensed someone on my left next to the beeping. Not just sensed, but felt.

  They were clutching my hand like a life-line. God, it's not like I'm dying. Or.. am I? My brain hummed, trying to sort through the jumbled mess. An artificial white light beamed down on me, I could feel it. Ugh, the blankets wrapped around me were scratchy and uncomfortable.

  Instead of focusing on my headache and the scratchy blankets, I listened to the person next to me as they breathed.

 In and Out. In and Out. In and Out.

A steady sound. I soon found my heart beating along to it's rhythm. I matched my breathing to the person's. I wanted to open my eyes and look around. I wanted to get up and walk away from the beeping, but my body wouldn't listen.

  It wanted sleep. It was begging me for rest, but I didn't bow to my needs. So instead of focusing on opening my eyes, I focused on gathering clues as to who it was. My memory was blurry and vague, so that wouldn't work.

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