Chapter 2 -

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  I shivered slightly and opened my eyes. Whoa! I shut them just as fast against the bright sunlight. I opened them again slowly and observed my surroundings, confused. I sat up and my memory flooded back. I laughed at my stupidity then became abruptly depressed when no sound came out. I sighed and stood up, thanking whoever put a pillow under my head and a blanket over me. The view from the balcony was just as beautiful in the daytime.
    I stretched and shuffled back into my empty room. My mom passed by my door and grunted, "No school, fix house, school tomorrow." I nodded. I didn't dare get in her way before her morning coffee. I let out a large breath and eyed the tons of boxes that cluttered my room warily, fun fun.


    Wow, 4 hours later and my room looks perfect! All my sketches are up, my laptop is sitting on a desk in the back-right corner and my clothes are all hung up. All my toiletries were in the black, white, and red themed bathroom. I smiled at my work and plopped down on my bed, suddenly bored. I took out my sketch-pad but had no ambition. Might as well check out this new town, I thought.
    I stood up and snatch my white bored and slipped my cell phone in my back pocket. I stepped into the bathroom, eying my reflection. My silvery blue eyes stared back apprehensively, midnight hair fell over my shoulders in silent beauty. I was wearing a cloudy gray singlet that hugged me right and some tight black jeans. I eyed the faintly pink line that cut across my throat. I left the bathroom throwing on my checkered converse. After descending the stairs, I scribbled across my message on the white board, dropping it on the kitchen table for my mom to see. Can I go look around town? She looked back up at me with earnest blue eyes, that were tinged with sadness and nodded. I was forced to look away.
    I hated the fact that she was sad because of me, my own mother. I guess each time she had to read a note or was in some way reminded of my mute-ness, she thought of dad. I feel like a failure, I upset my mother every time she looked a me. I gave her a small smile and fled the house, eager. After about 10 minutes of random walking, I found a cute little park. It was empty I mean, who would be at a park this late? The sun was nearly setting and wind blew across the playground. I ambled towards the small swings, sitting on one with a sigh.
     I shut my eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my skin, the breeze in my hair. At times like these, I feel normal. Without anyone around.. I feel like how I used too. My hand flew to my throat out of habit. I traced across the line I had wished, prayed and hoped away. Though, without looking, I knew it was there. Inconspicuous, seemingly nothing dangerous or bad. Just a scar. A scar that ruined my life. That ripped my legs out from under me and watched me flail. I dropped my hand in disgust and pushed the swing pack slightly, shutting my eyes again.
     I was torn from my thoughts as the swing next to me squeaked. My eyes opened warily, I turned my head. A beautiful boy no, man was perched on the swing next to me, hazel eyes watching. He had medium build and a lean body with long legs. His dark hair was cropped short and spiked a little. A kind smile was at home on his full lips.
     "Hey," I longed more than anything, to be able to respond. Instead I gave him a slight wave and a kind smile. Apparently that was enough for him because his deep voice spoke again. "I'm Leo." Leo looked at me, waiting for a response. I ignored him, trying not be rude. I couldn't get caught up in the flow of a handsome guy. "Or not." He said. Looking down, kicking some sand around. The sun was low in the sky, nearly down. It cast orange across the play-set and the trees. I smiled at it's simple beauty. "Pretty isn't it?" Leo asked, trying to start a conversation. I looked at him with a quizzical expression, before nodding.
    By his appearance you would figure him to be a jock-jerk type. The arrogant expression, the brand-name clothes. I countinued to sit next to Leo and swing in the silence that usually surrounded me. The sun was now down and there was a soft blanket of darkness covering the ground. "Are you gonna tell me your name?" Leo asked, pleadingly. I turned to him, standing with a sly smile on my lips. I put one finger up to my lips in the 'shhh' sign. I patted his dark-haired head like a dog and began my walk back home.
     I reached the house around 7:30, perfect timing. Mom had just set dinner down. We all ate together, like a family.. a normal one. Even though beneath the surface we were truly different. Kaylah and Mom supplied most of the conversation, chatting excitedly. I retired to my room after cleaning the dishes and doing a load of laundry. I was feet from my door when a hand caught my shoulder. I spun around, startled. Luke stood there, his green eyes on the floor. "Smile more, sis. It makes you prettier." Awh Luke! I threw my arms around him in a hug, I never expected this from my 14 year old brother. He never showed affection much after dad died, neither did I though.
    He froze before melting into my hug, I smiled and pulled away. I put a finger up in a 'one second' gesture. Luke stuffed his hands in his pockets and stood there, so I guessed he would be waiting. I skipped to my room and snatched my erase board off the wall, scrawling 'Thanks so much bro. I love you :D'' as I walked back to where he was standing. I shoved it in his face and his usually turned down lips, pulled up at the corners, forming a shy smile. "Anytime," He chimed, before turning to walk down the hall towards the stairs, whistling as he went.
    I smiled and continued down the hall to my bed, dropping down on it. The blackness washed over me quickly and I drifted into the one place I could speak, my dreams.

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