Chapter 18

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Cora's P.o.v.

I don't know how long we sat there, him on my lap, relaxing under the moonlight, but time didn't seem to matter anymore. I was still bursting with happiness at my humming success, as silly as it sounds. I was repeatedly running one hand through Leo's hair, admiring how soft it was. Like a cat's fur.

I yawned and my eye-lids fluttered halfway shut and I re-opened them, looking down at Leo. His breathing was deep and slow, but that's not what made me catch my breath. It was how attractive he was.

  Dark chestnut hair falling carefully over his forehead, longer than usual at my constant flattenting, stopped a few inches above his eyebrows. His flawless face a soft pale color under the moonlight.

His face was creased lightly, in worry. He was biting his lower lip, revealing white teeth. My heartbeat spiked and I sighed. Nice to know even in his sleep, I wasn't immune to these reactions.

  I ducked my head low, placing a soft kiss on his forehead, swearing to myself I would've done it for anyone. He smelt the same he had months ago, rich and woodsy, making a soft tingling bubble in my stomach.

  I bent back now, sitting up in a relaxed position. I glanced down at his face, smug to see it was now serene, a ghost of a smile on his lips. I moved my hands behind me, leaning on them as I gazed into the night sky.

  Millions of stars winked back at me. The moon was crescent, a small sideways smile in the sky. A gave another large yawn, wondering how I was going to get home. I dug into my back pocket, careful not to jostle Leo.

 I flicked open my phone and the screen lit up, illuminating the grass around me. I blinked back at the sudden brightness, eyes adjusting after a minute. The little numbers in the corner blinked 1:00 a.m. and I groaned internally. I would pay for this in the morning, but with a glancec at Leo, I remembered it was worth it.

 Well, what to do now? I put my phone on the grass next to me and tapped my fingers, glancing around. As much as I loved to watch Leo sleep, there's no need to be a creeper. My whole chest heaved as I yawned again. Holy crap, stop yawning!

  I observed my surroundings a little more, taking everything in. The trees were swaying slightly, darker than black. Their branches twisted around in an elegant dance, mesmerizing me for a moment. I looked down at the grass beneath my fingers, drifting back and forth in the breeze. I shivered inside my jacket.

 Okay, maybe I should have planned further ahead, I thought, crinkling my nose. As beautiful as the forest around me was, I couldn't take this until Leo woke up.

And what was he doing? Sleeping 'til morning?

I felt my eyes slip closed. Okay, fine, then maybe I could have a little quiet time too.

 I laid down onto my back, legs still crossed. I was so dead tired I didn't even care if it was uncomfortable, I just wanted sleep, so that's what I did. I felt my conscious being carried away by the wind.


 I sighed and rolled over, eyes still closed. I retracted when I felt a fluffy comforter, not cool grass. My eyes shot open and I flew up, still sitting... in my bed. I looked around curiously, seeing how the sun shone brightly through my window.

  I jumped up from my soft bed, skidding to a stop in front of my window. The glass was shut, but a single note was taped to it. the words were scrawled, as though the person was in a hurry, but they still touched my heart.

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