Chapter 28

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Hey guys! How're you? It's been awhile, eh? I got back a few days ago, sorry about not writing. I kinda got totally obsessed with this new comic I've been reading online.. heh heh ^.^'. Anywhoo, This is to feed YOUR obsession[;

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 I spent the couple days in the hospital, undergoing annoying tests and being prodded at by doctors. Luke, Mom, Kaylah, and Eli along with Mel and Leo came to visit me after school whenever they could.

During the day, however, I was all alone, just me and my thoughts.

 I didn't mind that much, but it reminded me of my life before moving here. When it would be just me and my room, socializing with my family only when it was absolutely necessary.

 I preferred how I was since moving, though. I was much happier now, well, maybe not at this moment, but in all. I found people I loved and made a place for myself.

 A smile pulled up the corners of my lips and I turned to look out the window at the sun barely starting to come up, making the sky only a few shades lighter than navy.

 I stretched out my muscles in the small bed I'd slowly grown accustomed to. It was around 6 in the morning, and there was barely a buzz of noise in the halls of the hospital, the occasional squeak of shoes against the clean tile. I didn't want to be up this early, but I had passed out at around 8 last night from being drugged, so I guess early to bed is early to rise.

 I sighed and ran a hand through my hair, finger-combing it and being careful not to jostle the wires still embedded in my right arm. I had gotten quite the speech from my nurse and doctor about not ripping out needles and all that.

 Well, duh.

 Not like it was my dream to pull an IV out from my skin. Even the janitor had given me a little attitude because he had to clean up the blood.

 When I was satisfied with my hair I dropped my hand back down and grabbed the remote to my bed, sitting it up halfway. I hadn't been outside in almost a week and I was beginning to get a bit stir-crazy.

 Stupid school, I cursed, hating that it was the only thing keeping me from my friends. Well, mostly friends. I'm pretty sure that Leo and I are something now. I'm not the type of girl that's all skiddish about weather or not we're dating, because even if we're not, I'm still in love with him.

 Correction!: In like with him.

God, what are these drugs doing to me? I complained silently, shaking my head. I glanced at the clock again, wondering why I wasn't allowed to sleep at such an ungodly hour. A knock at my open door shocked me so much that I almost fell off the bed.

 I righted myself and turned towards the entrance, feeling my second round of shock. I swear I could hear my own heartbeat spike on the monitor. Matt stood there, holding a bouquet of flowers colored yellow, red, and even pink. His black hair was messed up in the 'I just woke up and can still look good' way, his onyx eyes focused on me.

  Well, it seems like I'm not the only early bird.

"Good morning." He said softly, like he was speaking to a frightened animal. I gave a small, awkward wave and motioned for him to enter. He stepped all the way in with his long, dark-wash jean covered legs.

 He came and stopped by my bed-side and handed me the flowers tentatively, a sad smile on his face. A large grin overtook my lips and I sniffed the flowers, taking in their floral, outdoorsy, scent.

 I let out a contented sigh and set them on my lap, reaching out to my bedside table. I grabbed the white-board and ever-handy expo marker.

 Thanks, Matt.

He nodded and shifted his weight from side to side. I scooted over on the bed, making a small spot for him. He gave me a thankful glance and sat down, seeming less uncomfortable.

 "So, what's got you up so early?" I gave him a sarcastic look.

 Should you really be asking me that? What about you?

 "I only heard about you yesterday, from Leo, y'know? So, I went to be early last night and figured I should visit when no one else was around, 'cause it'd be awkward."

 I nodded, remembering how it was when my family first met Leo.

Wait, Leo actually talked to you?

"Actually, correction, I heard the rumor and went to Leo and asked. The guy doesn't seem too taken with me." He explained, chuckling at the end.

 I laughed along with him very, very, softly.

"You sound like you're healing." Matt said, surprise in his tone.

 I shrugged, but there was a smile on my face. Matt opened his mouth, but stopped as a loud, clacking, noise rushing down the hallway reached us.

 It wasn't rhythmic or anything, in fact, it sounded really odd, like someone was hitting the tile with metal poles. Almost like... Crutches? There was another padding sound behind it, which I recognized as footsteps.

 Who would be running around the hallway on crutches at a time like this? The noise came closer and closer, until it stopped right outside my open door, but there was no one there. I could hear someone's furious panting and a whispering that sounded familiar just next to the door frame.

 I cocked my head to the side and the person, or rather, persons, entered- giving me my third shock of the day. I was positive my heart skipped more than one beat this time.

 My 15 year old brother and sister stood there, smiling at me like it was normal for them to be in a hospital at 6 in the morning. Kaylah had her crutches tucked under her arms, and for the first time I saw her fully dressed before 7.

 She had on tight jeans and a long white sleeved shirt with a blue insulated vest over it- stylish as always. The vest was unzipped, revealing how the shirt clung to her slim figure. I counted my blessings that she wasn't a whore, because the shirt wasn't see through and didn't have a deep v-neck.

 My gaze dropped to her left foot, which was encased in a bright red cast, making me wonder how she had gotten those jeans on. Her bronze hair was in lazy curls, naturally, and her blue eyes were smiling with mischief.

 Luke stood beside her, observing Matt and I carefully. He was wearing a dark green brand-name tee, with black jeans hanging from his waist. His dark hair was ruffled slightly, green eyes holding the same mischief his sister's did.

 Wait... how did they get here?

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