Chapter 22

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 Matt leaned a bit to the left as he tried to open the door. I stood still, not moving forward an inch as a thought hit me. Why was Matt at the park? Matt looked at me confused, dark eyes observing me. He tried to pull me again and I shook my head.

 My shivers had died down a bit, but my head was throbbing. I gave Matt a  questioning look and he sighed.

 "You need something?" He asked. I was shocked he didn't understand my expression. Usually Leo what just tell me to spit it out. I nodded slowly.

 "Fine, but take a bath first. I'll be here when your done."

 I gave him a disbelieving look but, let him lead me into the bathroom anyway. I convulsed a little with the force of a new round of shivers. Matt let me lean against the wall and his movements were more hurried. He gave me one last reassuring smile before he left. I took a deep breath, trying to stabilize my legs.

 I peeled my cold, wet, clothes off and fell into the tub. The warmth felt so good, my shivers died away only a few minutes after I got in. I swished the water between my fingers, thinking.

 Why would Leo leave me out like that? And why the freak was Matt there? I mean, it was great, of course. He seemed almost, soft, towards me. His dark eyes watching me carefully, even when Leo was screaming at him. Stupid Leo. Has to go and my heart act all funny and make me promise to meet him in a thunderstorm.

 With renewed anger, I scrubbed my hair and body, dunking myself under. I stood up on new legs, enjoying that I could walk now. If my legs were fine then ..? I sucked in a deep breath and caught it again when the sharp pain in my throat returned.

 Damn it.

I un-plugged the drain and pulled on the clothes Kaylah had slipped under the door. A black singlet and long gray sweatpants. I smiled at the feeling of security they brought, versus the harsh, cold, rain I was in less than an hour ago.

  I opened the bathroom door, still shaking out my darker-than-possible wet hair, when I was greeted with a tense atmosphere. I walked into the living room, confused, until I saw who was sitting on the couch.

 Matt sat on the loveseat with Luke, while directly across sat Leo with Kaylah. Luke and Kaylah seemed awkward while the teen boys glared at each other. I sighed and all eyes were on me.

 Leo gave me a tentative smile and stood up. Matt did the same. I gave Leo a harsh look, which stopped him in his tracks, looking hurt. I put up my hand and gave him the 'one sec.' sign. I turned to Matt and gave him a smile and reached out my hand, gesturing to both of us, then to the kitchen.

 Leo made a gruff of protest, earning him another harsh look. He shut up real quick. I fought the urge to smile and took Matt's hand, pulling him behind me. I stepped into the bright kitchen and let go of his hand, grabbing my white board.

 Why were you there?

He read it over.

 "I was driving home from school. I stayed after because I had detention." He smiled a sheepish smile, scratching him neck. I let out a laugh, only to have tears prick my eyes at the pain. He looked at me weirdly until I gestured to my throat. Matt nodded once, looking like he wanted to say something.

 "Look.." He began, looking like he was in distress. "I'm sorry about being a jerk before and all, I was just having a bad day." I widened my eyes in surprise. He was apologizing for fighting Leo before?

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