Chapter 8

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   I could tell by his expression, he was wary. I nearly laughed. This tall, built jock was frightened of me? The small mute girl? Well, better than nothing. I grabbed my keys off the counter and motioned for him to follow me, we entered the garage. I texted Kaylah and Luke telling them to ask if they could stay at their friend's houses another night.

   Leo looked over my shoulder as he got into the passenger seat. I moved my body so he couldn't see what I was writing. He pouted and I gave another smile. I started up the car and pulled out of our driveway.

   While I drove, Leo was silent. I was thankful for that, I needed some thinking time. Oh no, I was shaken by my thoughts now. They turned my feelings 360.

  How did this happen? Just the image of us together seems hilarious. Now we're good friends, impossibly close. Even if I can't talk, even if I can't convey my feelings he still stays by me. Why? That thought lived in the back of my mind. Why did he stay by me? I'm going to always have this constant fear of him getting frustrated with me and leaving.

   Just then, I realized so much I've told him. How much I has suddenly come to rely on him. If he left me now, there was no doubt I would cry and not know what to do. Since when was I so open? Fear rose up. A memory flashed in front of me. Of Leo. Switching sides when I was picked on.

  Why did I forgive him? -Because he's like you. A small voice nagged.  I ignored it. It's the basic code, Leave before you're left.

   I pulled over onto the shoulder and put on my hazards. Leo looked so confused that I just wanted to keep driving and leave it alone. I texted him asking him his address. After a moment of hesitation he told me it.

   I averted my eyes the whole drive to his house. This is for the best - I told myself. Leave your only friend until he leaves you. Leo knew something was up, obviously. I pulled into his driveway and gave him a final text.

Get out please. I'm sorry.

  He read it over and gave me a sad look that turned angry. I didn't look at him. I stared at the steering wheel waiting for him to get out. There wasn't any movement.
  I looked up and scrunched my nose. I texted him again.
  Don't be stubborn.
Well, tell me why you're being like this." He demanded.  

I'm just taking care of this. Cleaning it up. You'll get bored of me soon enough anyway.

  Leo read the text and gave me the most appalled look I have ever seen. He started to talk but, I put up a hand to stop him.

 Clean, easy, cut is how it's supposed to be.

   After reading, Leo 'hmphed' and got out of the car, slamming it. I dropped my head onto the steering wheel and cursed myself. It was my fault. I should have faced the truth in the beginning. I was all giddy and bubbly at having someone who I could 'talk' to. Someone who understood.

   He didn't understand at all though... did he? Because he can lie about his past. He can fake being normal. I can't! I can't pretend to be able to talk. I can't pretend that it's all in the past. It doesn't work that way.

  I slammed my hand against the steering wheel. Why is everything so confusing? I want to be around him. Yet, Ishouldn't. To be together and share laughs (Kind of).... maybe even more than that. And on some level he is like me. He might pretend to be okay but, he's still scared of never being accepted.

  I punched the wheel again, repeatedly. A few tears slipped down my face. I looked up at Leo's house and met his gaze through the front window. I threw the car into reverse and pulled out of his driveway. I just need some time.

I just need some time...

               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Leo's P.O.V.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   I gazed at Cora as she kept her head down. After a second I 'hmphed' and got of her car, slamming the door. I walked up my drive at a swift pace, eager to get away. Yet at the same time, I wanted to turn around. I stepped into the house and looked out the front window at her car.

 I could easily see her sitting the driver's seat from here. I watched as she slammed her hand down on the steering wheel, with her head still down. A part of me still want to be miffed but, watching her so... torn up was making that hard to do.

 She slammed the steering wheel a few more time before finally looking up. The light from the sun glistened off something on her face. She met my eyes and I realized they were tears. I sighed once and shook my head as she took off down the street.

Silly girl. I commented in my head.

You outta know I'll never get frustrated with you.

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