Stuck On Mute

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Okeh, this is my new story. I'm going to countinue writing my other one's too, but this one's been stuck in my head for a while now. Please tell me if you want me to countinue it. Thanks loves,

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 Prologue :


    Speaking, Voices, no one realizes how special they are until you don't have them. I should know. I mean no one believes that speaking is a gift, being able to tell your crush you like them, to be able to stutter, for god's sakes! Without a voice most people believe your opinion less, a freak. Well, that's what I am you see. A freak. I Cora Markings am a freak. A mute.

  When you think of horrible things that can happen to people you never think Mute. You think Cancer, Amputation, Car crash, never mute. But, I'm hoping to change your mind about that. Mute is worst of all.

  Boy meets girl, they fall in love and have babies. I've never heard of a Mute girl meets boy, have you? No one can fall in love with a mute. You never know what they sound like, never know their accent, their laugh. You just see notes that they write or using sign language.

  I never thought that this could happen. But after the accident that claimed my father's life, I was ruined. A piece of glass angled just right across my throat stole my voice. Sure, the doctors sewed it right back up but, they shook their heads sadly at the thought of me being able to speak again so I never try.

  Being a 12 year-old who could no longer speak and was fatherless is devastating. Besides, my friends didn't think it was 'cool'. Apparently it was weird. After 5 years though, you cope. Do I miss talking? Well, that's like asking a wheel-chair bound person if they miss walking. The worst part is that I'm forgetting what I sound like. The only thing I can say is .. Life Sucks, we just deal with it.


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