Chapter 21

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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack ! Yup, I decided, family problems or not, I missed writing so much. Not only writing, but I missed all my fans too. I missed it all so much, I nearly cried(: Hahahah. Okay ! Here we go.

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 I pulled my jacket tighter around my body and flinched as the sprinkle of rain hit my skin. I frowned. What an idiot. 'Let's meet at the park!' he says, being all cute and awkward. Another round of raindrop attacked my face and I felt the need to punch him. 

  A crack of thunder swallowed the sky and I picked up my pace. In a few minutes, I'm faced with our park. Just the same as it was last night.

 Was it really only last night?

  A smile pulled my lips up as I took cover under a tree with think branches. So little rain was getting to me now, it was more like an umbrella. I dropped to the ground and leaned against it's wide trunk.

 I shivered a bit more. I pulled my phone from my pocket and shoved my wet hair back from my face as I checked the time.


  We got out of school exactly thirty minutes ago. Hmm, where was he? I shrugged my shoulders, figuring he was late.

 5 minutes passed.

10 minutes passed.

15 minutes passed.

20 minutes passed.

30 minutes passed.

  I was getting beyond pissed now. The rain was pelting down harder than before, and I cursed at myself for doing something so reckless. Even under my umbrella-tree the slanted rain hit me hard, each drop adding to the shivers that grew.

 I needed something to lift my spirits, I decided. I sucked in a breath and blew it out, readying my throat. I took a moment to look inside for pain, but found none. I then stood, feeling like it would help somehow.

 I sucked in a deep breath and closed my eyes, delving into my mind, the only place that wasn't cold at the moment. I got lost in my thoughts, finding the happiest of them. The spatula moment, the kiss, last night. All of it. I felt a bubble of happiness in my stomach, and I opened my mouth.

 There was a short, amazing, sound. It was a nearly perfect pitched note of 'oh'.

Then it was gone.

That's it.

 I felt my anger snap as I pushed harder on my mutilated vocal cords. There stab of pain but, I didn't care. I pushed myself further and stepped into the rain, letting it wash away my tears.

 I felt like my throat was being poked repeatedly with a sharp object  as I wandered near the road home. With one last push, I felt a pain so horrible dots danced in front of my eyes and I dropped to my knees. I caught my breath and stopped pushing, but the pain didn't disappear. 

 It felt like my throat was being slashed again and again with a razor blade. I wanted to stop breathing at that moment, if it stopped the pain. I scarcely noticed car's lights pull around the corner. I had a sense of deja-vu as my vision left and I fell to the ground, the lights knocked out.

 The last thing I heard was a voice calling out my name.


"-ra! Cora!"

 I jumped slightly at someone shaking my shoulder. I felt a rumbling under me and realized I was in a car. Mm, I was so sleepy. Just as I began to doze, the person stomped on the break and threw my body forward.

 Their arm shot out and my eyes opened slowly. 

 "Are you okay?" The voice asked. I focused on the unfamiliar dashboard in front of me. I breathed in and smelt cologne, worried for a minute about the man's intentions.

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