Chapter 5

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"Cora, I'm so sorry. I was an idiot. I'm undoubtedly in love with you and I would toss my friends away anytime." I swooned and stepped closer. "I love you." My voice sounded scratchy and broken, like a man's. Immediate revulsion took over his face. "Look, she believed me." Leo sneered. Chelsea came up behind him and wrap an arm around his waist and kissed him. "Good boy." She whispered and grabbed his face, turning it to me. "Now ruin her." She said softly, filled with evil. His hazel eyes met mine. "I hate you." My world cracked and I was spinning at a downward spiral.

I jolted awake and looked around, confused. I sighed as I tried to shake the nightmare. That's what happened though, wasn't it? I mused as I ran my finger through the dark nest of hair on my head. I was betrayed. Just less melodramatic. How could I have thought a popular guy like him would want to be friends with me?
I mean, I'd only known the guy for what? A week. 'But he opened up to you.' My small voice corrected. 'You know he's funny and sweet and a bit of a jerk.' Whatever. I commended, closing out the voice.


The door? Oh, no duh. I shook my head at my own stupidity and shuffled towards it, barely stifling a yawn. I unlatched the door and pulled it open, my jaw dropped. Leo stood there in a black tee and dark washed jeans, holding a bouquet of flowers. I leaned against the door-frame, stuffing down my surprise.
"Can I come in?"
I raised an eyebrow and scowled.
"So that's a no?" He joked, hazel eyes bright.
"Come on Cora." I fought at the butterflies dancing in my stomach when he said my name.
"You know how it is." He looked at me pleadingly.
I gave him the '1 sec' sign and flew through the kitchen, snatching up my board off the counter. No, Leo I don't know how it is. How is it?
He snorted as I returned to the door, shoving the board in his face.
"What if I said sorry?" I shook my head. I was still dumbfounded that one of the star players on the football team is standing in front of my house, holding flowers, begging for an apology from the mute girl. I would laugh at how un-cliche this is, if I could. As I zoned out Leo shoved by me, into my house.
"Nice house!" He called from the kitchen. I stomped to where he was standing and pointed to the front door with an aggravated face.
"Sorry, Co. I'm not leaving until you forgive me." I pulled my board from his finger-tips. Why should I?
"Well," He said, gazing at me. "Because your a wonderful person and I'm stupid." I waited. "And err, Your the most awesome person to walk this planet?" He said it as a question. I waited. He sighed. "Listen I'm really really sorry Cora. And I never apologize, you know that." Explain why you changed then. He sighed again.
"Look. Don't take this the wrong way but, I know their jerks. Their my friends too, though. Only being misguided by miss-cheer cheer. Not all the cheerleaders are like that. Trust me. Their my friends for a reason. I need your help though." He sucked in a deep breath. With what? I scribbled. A smile lit up his handsome face.
"We're gonna overthrow her." A doubled over in laughter silently, noticing how Leo stared as I did. Tears peaked in the corners of my eyes as I raised my hands up in an 'I'm done' gesture. He gave me a look.
"Well, I'll do it myself then." I tilted my head, eyes asking 'How?' He answered my silent question, running a hand through his hair. "Hmm, Haven't thought that far."
I grabbed my board again, Thought so. I showed him, smirking. He glowered at me back. He tossed the flowers on the counter.
"Am I forgiven?" He asked, turning back to me in the large kitchen. I felt unsure, and it must have showed on my face. Without hesitation, Leo dropped down to one knee in front of me. My eye widened like saucers and he chuckled a little, taking my hand.
"Cora, I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. Can't I make mistakes? Aren't I supposed to? If I was perfect then you would probably hate me. Pleeeaassee Forgive me?" And to finish off, he looked up at me through his lashes, hazel eyes smoldering, lips in the perfect pout.
I could feel my resolve wavering, being eaten away by the tingles assaulting my stomach and the blush heating my cheeks at the simplest of touches. I stared into his eyes steadily and nodded. He jumped up, exclaiming "Yes." He proceeded to dance around my kitchen in an adorable fashion. I rolled my eyes and left him there, plopping down on the couch and flicking on the television.
"Hey, Cora." Leo said, sitting down on the couch beside me.
"Can I ask you something?" I nodded, slowly. He looked uncomfortable.
"How did you lose, you know?" He asked gesturing to me. As a reflex my hand flew up to cup my throat. He watched it. I stood and went to the kitchen, gathering up my board and sat back down on the couch. Only if you tell me something about you first. He let out a slightly aggravated noise and looked at me. I looked at him evenly.
"Fine." Leo turned to me on the couch and pulled his legs up, sitting criss-cross. I copied his movement, our knees touching. A never-ending stream of tingles flowed between us. I felt the atmosphere thicken and darken and I was abruptly frightened. I was alone with a guy who could easily over-power me. And I had no voice. How lovely. Nice job, Cora. I switched off the T.v.
When Leo looked back up at me, I had controlled my expression. His eyes were dark. Fear was gnawing at the inside of my stomach.
"..." I waited, trying to keep my breathing normal. What if he was a murderer? Or a Psycho?
"You know I accepted you so easy?" I nodded, cautious. He took a deep breath.
"Well, once I was an outsider too. A complete and total outsider because," I waited as he took another breath.
"I'm adopted." I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, in relief. Then felt guilty as his words hit me. Oh, that's really sad. He looked away from my face and down at his hands.
"I never knew my dad, but my foster mom told me he was a real jerk. She also said my real mom was.. not right. She wasn't fit to raise a child so she dropped me off at an adoption place. I was shipped around for a few years, learning that being adopted wasn't cool. It was weird. Well, kids shun weird things," He glanced up at me, then back down. "When I turned fourteen, the family I have now took me in. I was scared at first because I kept switching homes. I was a bit of a bad-boy. But, when I realized they wouldn't give up on me, I eased up and became well, me. No one else knows here though. I joined the football team in order to be normal. I guess it worked. But, when I saw you, well I thought of me. Not like that because I wasn't girly at all," He smiled a little, eyes still down.
"And obviously your not boyish. I'm sorry for not standing up for you. But, when I saw all them picking on you it made me think of how it was for me. I know you're thinking 'If you went through it, why wouldn't you help stupid?' I don't know. I was just scared." I watched as a piece of the walls he put crumbled away. I took his hands in mine and stared him deep in the eyes, trying to say 'It's okay.' with my eyes. "Thank you." He said. Patting my cheek.
"Well, enough of my pity-fest. Please Cora, your turn." I leaned back and dropped his hands, he grimaced slightly then covered it. I sighed and sorted through the cluttered mess of my brain. I flashed into my room upstairs, grabbing my laptop, before rushing back down and taking my seat. The board was too small for this.

'Well, Leo.
My Mom, Dad, and I were on our way to the park with the twins. I was 12 and the twins were around 8 I remember how dad was singing along the radio in a high-pitched voice, making us all laugh. Mom and Dad were completely in love, so much it was almost crazy. Anyway, we were laughing and Dad was singing when a large car came out of nowhere and BOOM! Right into the side of our SUV. I was still conscious as the glass exploded in every direction. One large piece came across and slit right along my throat, I passed out instantly. I woke up a few hours later in a hospital with doctors everywhere. They said I shouldn't have lived, it was almost impossible. But.. Dad didn't make it. Sometimes I think I should've gone instead. That's how it happened.'

My hands stalled on the keys, before I pushed it off my lap and into Leo's. I shut my eyes while his flitted across the screen, reading every word from my horrible past. I heard movement, then I was crushed into Leo's chest, surrounded by the scent of him.
"I'm so sorry. But, you shouldn't ever think that. Never." A few tears spilled over and I pulled away from Leo. He lifted his hand and wiped the tears from my face. I gave him a watery smile.
"It's okay to miss him." He said softly. I nodded weakly, taking a deep breath. I reached my hand up and tugged at the collar of my tee-shirt, pointing to the scar. Leo ran one finger across it and I shivered, earning a smirk from him. I stuck my tongue out and scrawled across the board. Can we stop being sad now? Leo gave a short laugh and smiled.
"Sure," I yanked the remote our from under a pillow and switched the t.v. back on. After a watching a couple made-for-t.v. movies, my eyelids grew heavy. Man, I'm really sleepy today. My head flopped over to the side on Leo's shoulder, send shock-waves straight to my brain. After a few minutes the tingles grew comforting, like a mother's song. I didn't have to look to see Leo was smirking his ass off. Jerk. My drowsiness combined with the soft tingles spreading though my body, I was lulled into dreams.

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