Chapter 14

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I'm sorry it's so short but, I think it's pretty good(: It gives you more of a taste about Cora's ture being.  And I though you guys deserved SOMETHING ! ^.^=/-[=]

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  I was walking to lunch, listening to Eli's chatter, when I heard it. It was barely audible over the roar of the crowd, but I picked up the quiet sobs. I made a motion for Eli to go on without me, then switched directions, shoving through the crowd.

 I pulled open the bathroom door and flinched as I heard the crying loud and clear. I knocked on the stall and a watery voice called out ''What?''

 Come out, Chelsea. I wrote on a slip of paper and shoved it under the door. She unclicked the lock and stepped out. Her blonde hair was dishelved and her make-up, ruined. They were tears streaming from her eyes and black tracks tattooed down her face.  


 She backed me up against the bathroom wall and poked a manicured nail into my throat.

 "Do you know what you've done? I've lost it all! For a stupid mute!"

I winced slightly, but wasn't really hurt.

 "It's all o-o-o-" She stuttered and I saw her skinny body sway slightly.

 "OVERRRR!" She wailed, falling. I caught her and sunk to the ground. She clutched at my shirt, staining it. I looked down at the defeated girl on my lap, sobbing to her worst enemy, and was reminded of myself.

  When I lost my voice, everyone avoided me. But, I didn't even have an enemy to cry to. I let out a sigh and started petting her hair. I ran through the tangles gently. She sniffled and her cries grew quieter. She looked up at me with watery brown eyes.

 "What am I going to do?"

 Her voice was so sad and dejected. Seemingly defeated. I once again saw myself. Even though to me this wasn't a big deal, to her - it could be her life. The only thing that keeps the bad thoughts away, or keeps her mom happy. I didn't know what it was, but it seemed important.

  I took out a piece of paper and scribbled my plan out on it. Chelsea read over it and looked up at me with the most gracious look I never expected to see.

  "Even though you're a freak," She paused. "You have a good heart. And that's going to get you places. I'm only going to say this once..."

  She grabbed my hand and pulled me up with her, giving me and awkward hug. I could tell there was meaning behind it, so I didn't mind.

 "Thank you."

 Gratitude and pure joy colored her tone and I smiled. I nodded to her slightly and winked, she winked back and I left the restroom, ready for the plan.


I dropped down at the table next to Melanie and she didn't even ask me where I'd been, she just poured out endless gossip. Eli sat at her other side, chuckling and shaking his head. Someone sat in front of me. I looked up into familiar hazel eyes. Leo.

  "How are you?'' He asked, resting his head on his chin.

 I raised two thumbs and gave a smile. He laughed once at my attitude.

 "Everyone's talking about this morning," Leo said.

 I shrugged nonchalantly, hoping he didn't see my hesitation. He gave me a suspicious look and my jaw nearly dropped. I BARELY hesitated, how did he notice? I shook out my hair and tapped my fingers on the table impatiently. Melanie and Eli had engaged into a conversation and I knew there was no way I was going to get into that bubble.

  I tapped my fingers more furiously, startled when warm hands were laid over them. My heart slammed against my ribs almost painfully and I glanced up at Leo, questioning.

 "Cool it." He murmured, lifting his hands.

  My heart beat slowed, but I found myself missing the warmth. I scolded myself inside and tensed when I heard the clicking of high heels. I took a deep breath as Leo glared at Chelsea, who was probably approaching with a full plate of food. His eyes widened in alarm and he tried to jump over the table, but he didn't make it in time.

  A full plate of spaghetti rained down over my hair and clothes. Leo was sliding at me full force from atop the table. He slammed into my body and knocked me off the bench, him on top of me. Chelsea cleared her throat, getting the attention of everyone.

  "This whore," Pause for dramatic affect. "Just got served."

  Snickers and giggles erupted from all over the lunchroom.

 Cue acting skills.

I pushed Leo off, him not being a part of the plan.

  I let big, fat, tears flood my eyes, but didn't let them over-flow. I stood up and 'accidentally' tripped over the foot Chelsea had stuck out and fell to my knees again. More people laughed and I didn't mind it.

  She grabbed a can of 'conveniently' placed coke zero and poured it over my head, humiliating me further.

  "Don't worry, it's diet." She sneered.

 The was it, the whole room was filled with laughter. At me. Underneath the food, I smiled a small smile.

  "Scat!" She demanded.

 I shook a little in supposed fear and fake tripped a few times on the way to the double doors. I felt Leo following me and I leaned against a nearby locker, carefully pulling pasta from my hair, giving breathy laughs.

  Leo stood in front of me now dark, brown hair, windblown. There was bits of sauce on his face and strings of pasta in his hair, far less than mine, but still there.

I pulled a piece out of his brown locks gently and mouthed, Planned.

  His eyes grew wide and he repeated me.


 I nodded with a smile. He moved his hands in an unfathomable gesture and then dropped them, staring at me in awe.

 "You did that for her?"

 I nodded again.

 I felt his hands grip my arms and he jerked my body forwards, crushing me to his chest. I breathed him in and relaxed. Her arms tightened around my waist and my heart soared.

 "That's beautiful."

 Then I melted.~

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