Chapter 20

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 Hey guys, like I've said before I've been sick D; . But, I'm back now , and I think I might start a new story ! (: Mmkay, love you guys ! <33

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I rushed to fifth period, flinching at the clap of thunder that swallowed the sky. The sound caused my ears to ring and I frowned. The only thing that made it easier was the fact that it was Friday, my favorite day. It started to sprinkle slightly and I pushed through the crowd into the building.

I took a seat in fifth period and ran a hand through my slightly damp hair, feeling my mind fill up.

Lunch was horrible, in one word. Leo and Matt kept pulling me back and forth like an epic game of Tug-o-War, glaring at each other the whole time.

  I fished around inside my back-pack, taking out a notebook and clicking my pen. Within five minutes of studious note taking, I drifted away, back into my thoughts. A question came to me. Why was Matt still messing with me and Leo? Didn't Leo make it clear with the whole 'she's mine' thing?

 It was obvious to the entire school, but not Matt? Or was he just being a jerk? I narrowed my eyes at this, clicking my pen furiously. Was it just to get on my nerves? Because if so, it was working. My teeth were on edge and the teens were annoying me more than anyone else had.

 Even Leo. I mean, the boy had me swooning every second, but I could still be angry. I snapped into focused as the teacher slammed a hand down on my desk, sending me a glare. A sent an apologetic look back at the middle aged woman and dropped the pen I had been clicking.

 She stalked away and I gave a small evil smile at her back. I clicked my pen open once and her steps faltered for a moment, as she turned. She glared at me again and I gave her my most innocent look.

 The kids around me snickered. Mrs. Carle or whatever her name was, started lecturing on respect and I nodded along with her, while my thoughts ran away.


 Leo fell into step with me while I headed towards the parking lot, glancing around suspiciously. At least he isn't Matt, I thought bitterly, sliding my locker open. Leo leaned up against the one next to me, watching my every movement.

  After a few minutes, my face was starting to flush and my neck was hot. I flipped my phone open, texting him. He read it over and chortled loudly.

 "'Creeper?'" He quoted, still laughing. I tried not to notice the way his hazel eyes sparkled when he smiled that perfect smile. I turned back to my locker and let a small smile grace my face.

 "So, wanna go to the park?" He asked, seemingly out of nowhere. I paused in my search, and looked at him evenly. His cheeks were a light pink color, something I thought I'd never see, and he was rubbing his neck awkwardly.

  There was nothing dishonest in his movements so I shrugged my shoulders and scribbled across the white board in my hand.

 I have to drive the twins home, meet you there in thirty?

He read it over and a large smile lit up his face.

"Sure," He agreed.

I nodded slowly at his overly cheery attitude and headed towards the front doors, tossing a wave over my shoulder. The twins were waiting patiently outside the car, talking quietly. Kaylah shivered from the cold wind and light rain. I felt a tug of guilt and ran to them. I hopped in the car, doing everything blindly, half my mind focused elsewhere.

 The ride home seemed horribly long to me, as I began bouncing in my seat halfway home. The twins were giggling at my attitude, guessing what it could be about, making bets. I rolled my eyes at them and pulled into the driveway, turning off the ignition and speeding into the house.

 I sprinted up the stairs and changed my shirt into a large black vee neck, tying it up in the back. I brushed through my hair and washed the eyeliner off my face. I took off back downstairs, wanting to cook dinner for the twins in case I wasn't home on time. Mom worked late on Fridays, usually until 10 or 11.

I set a pot of water on the burner and tapped my foot impatiently, waiting for it to boil. Once it did, I put the noodles in and stirred them around, skipping around the kitchen. Luke and Kaylah sat on the couch, sometimes glancing at me over their backs.

 The volume was too high for them to hear my slightly broken hum of random notes, my mood sky high. I drained the noodles and mixed in the sauce, flicking off the burner. I walked into the living room, stopping in front of the T.v. Luke paused it and glared at me slightly.

 I held up my board, with pre-written words on it.

Dinner's on the stove, I'll be back soon. House rules?

They groaned simultaneously. I watched them with a motherly look. One that said, 'say them or die.'

 Kaylah piped up, "No leaving the house."

Luke butted in, "No inviting friends over."

Kaylah, "No setting fires."

Luke, "No drugs."

Kaylah and Luke, "Absolutely nothing mom wouldn't approve of."

 I smiled at them, proud. I then bounced forward, kissing them both on the cheek. With that, I walked out the door, my stomach already fluttering anxiously. The thunder overhead rumbled and the rain swirled around me.

 I frowned at the idiot's 'smart' idea. Something in my stomach churned in warning. I ignored it and pushed onward, shivering inside my jacket.

 Now, I could only hope I didn't make the wrong choice in coming out today.~

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