Chapter 25

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I collapsed onto the couch, finally taking a break after 7 hours of rushing around. In the short intervals where Luke was sleeping, I would take that chance to clean up a bit, or shower, or eat.

 But, soon enough, he would be up again, sweating buckets, or spilling his guts. All day it had been this way, even after giving him medication. It helped to stifle down his coughs and nausea, but the boy poor still looked like a dead man.

 He'd had a constant temperature of 102, making me fret and worry. Now, it was about the time to go pick up Kaylah and I just managed to drug him enough for him to sleep. I closed my eyes for about five minutes, before heaving myself back up with much resistance.

 I ambled over towards the kitchen and grabbed my keys, heading out the door with purple bunny slippers on my feet. I tightened my ponytail, wincing when I pulled too hard, and jumped in the car.

 I went through all the motions and was on the road soon enough. I sighed and let my thoughts run to Leo. How was I going to win this? Why did I even want to win this? Well, besides the obvious joy of rubbing it in his face. I had a feeling it wasn't going to be simple, but hey, if it's not complicated, it's not worth it, right?

 I pulled into the school's parking lot just as the bell rang. Students came flooding out of buildings from every direction, filling up to the lot at an alarming rate. I laid my chin down on the steering wheel, letting my dark ponytail swish by my shoulders. I twirled the end of my hair between my fingers. Maybe I should a haircut soon, I thought, pursing my lips. 

 I spun the ends around my finger and waited for Kaylah, wishing she would hurry up so I could get back to Luke. Who knew how long the NyQuil would last this time? His body absorbs that stuff like mad.

 I blew out a sigh and continued twirling my hair. More important thoughts invaded my mind, almost all pertaining to my silent self. Lately, I have noticed there are a few moments where I can make a small noise, or giggle. If only it were more powerful. It's probably not getting better because I don't take the time to practice, I noted, frowning.

 Well, the only way to solve that is to practice - a small voice told me, sounding hopeful.

True, I acknowledged.

 As much as I wanted to start right away, there are more important things that call for my attention at the moment. Like maybe the fact that my younger sister had yet to even show her face and I had been sitting in the car for more than ten minutes.

  I tapped my forehead against the steering wheel in worry and impatience. Worry because my sickly brother was left at home alone, and impatience because of my ditzy sister. I sat there for a few more minutes before getting fed up and and yanking the keys out of the ignition with a barely audible groan.
 I threw the door back and slammed it behind me, stalking across the car park. I got a few curious looks and one wolf whistle from the remaining stragglers, making me realize that this was the second time I've been on campus with less-than-modest clothing.

 I let out a breath, blowing my bangs away from my face, tightening my ponytail and gripping the car keys deadly tight in my hand. I walked around the campus, well, more like stomped, without any place in mind.

  I could feel my temper getting higher with each passing minute. Stupid Kaylah. She's on time whenever it's a normal, not-important, day, but the one time I need her to be on time- she disappears. Perfect.

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