Chapter 26

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Okay , so , since I'm leaving to go to my home town and won't be able to write for a few weeks, I figured it would be absolutely HORRID of me to leave a cliffy like that- so instead, I'm giving you two, that's right TWO super long chapters ! And if you act now, you can even get them within the next three days! That's right, this offer won't last for long, so act now<3 Hahah, love you guys.

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Death is peaceful.
At least, it was for me.
 After the darkness slipped into my head, I guess it was like fainting. Or sleeping. So, I had no way of knowing what was going on or how much time had passed. All I know is that I didn't dream.

 Then suddenly, I wasn't asleep anymore. Well, I mean, I guess I was. It was still dark, the darkest black I had ever seen, but my conscious was aware. I couldn't really feel my body, but I could feel my thoughts and a jist of what I was.

 I couldn't actually remember what had happened, so I didn't force myself. But, lots of thoughts invaded my mind.

Where was I?

What happened?

Was I going to wake up?

Did I even want to?

 I felt myself begin to panic. What if I was stuck like this forever? What if I was stuck in some kind of limbo-ish thing? My panic rose higher with every question and I couldn't feel anything but panic at the moment.

 However, the panic was washed away as the darkness lapped at my confused mind, drowning it.

Then, I wasn't panicking, I was just... existing.

Just being there. Just breathing, as I assumed I was.

 But, something changed at the last minute. I felt something pulling at the edges of my head and it was uncomfortable. I didn't want to give in to it. So, instead, I pushed myself farther into the darkness, but the farther I went in- the lighter it got. The pulling got more persistent, trying to yank me out of the slowly-becoming-lighter dark.

  The color around me grew brighter, and clearer, becoming almost white. The pulling was pissing me off, to be honest.

Now, I wasn't just existing, I was feeling. An emotion which seemed new to me.

 The pull tugged and tugged and the light heightened, becoming bright like the sun. Now, it was comfortable, at least it was, for a moment. I thought it would stop getting lighter, but I was wrong. It became brighter and lighter, the color becoming almost too white to bear.

 I wanted to run, so I followed the pull, rushing towards the opposite end of the spectrum. It became pitch black, before a wide range of colors exploded before me.

Suddenly, I could feel my body. My fingers, my arms, my legs, my torso, my neck, my face, and my eyes- which were now open and staring blankly at the ceiling in front of me.

 I didn't make any movements for a while, just breathing in deeply- close to panting and observing the ceiling. I took it all in.

The feel of the scratchy sheets under my body, which was pretty sensitive now. The annoying beeping coming from somewhere beside the right side of my bed. My hair tickling my shoulders and my bare arms under an uncomfortable blanket.

 I felt something like tape on the inside of my elbow, sticking close to my skin. I took in the smaller details then, like how the ceiling was an off-white color, with a generic light dead in the center. How from somewhere beside me, I head a squeak like a chair and heavy breathing.

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