Chapter 15

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I tapped my pencil impatiently against my desk, watching the clock. The minute hand clicked by slowly when all I wanted was for it to move faster.




 Briiiiiiiiiiing! I shot up from my seat, earning weird looks from the kids around. I shrugged my backpack onto my shoulder and headed towards my locker, noticing a familiar figure leaning against it.

 Could I have a locker stalker? I scribbled down.

 Leo laughed, his whole face lighting up handsomely. I spun my lock, popping it open in an instant.

I shoved some books inside and listened to Leo chat for a moment.

 A few people pointed at me and snickered, whispering to their friends. Leo stopped talking and glared at them. The little group scurried away quickly.

 "Doesn't that annoy you?"

I shut my locker and turned to look at him. He wasn't against the locker anymore, his weight was tipped forward, waiting for my answer. I pulled my phone out and typed away.

 You get used to it after 6 years, y'know?

His phone pinged and he looked over the text, frowning a bit.

 "I'm sorry about them,"

 Don't be, this is what she wanted.

He read the new one and nodded.

 "I'm really proud of you." He complimented.

"Not many people would do such an.... amazing thing for someone who caused them pain." He looked at me in awe and I blushed slightly.

 More people walked by and whispered louder. What this time? I thought it would be over soon.

How long can you talk about being covered in food? I listened closely to them.

 "I heard she did." One whispered.

"She did that for Matt?"

 Matt? Who's Matt?

 Leo, obviously hearing the same thing, turned to me inquiringly. I shrugged, eyebrows pushing together. I shook it off and Leo and I walked to 5th period, ignoring the stares and whispers.


 I was walking to 6th period when I felt someone grab my elbow. A light-haired, tanned boy stood in front of me. The look in his brown eyes told me to run. There was a spike of fear. Goosebumps broke out across my neck and I flushed, my 6th sense warning me.

  "Hey there," He said, undressing me with his eyes.

 His too-muscular body pushed up against mine and it was uncomfortable. I tried to pull my arm away, he only gripped it tighter. I sighed and looked up. His hand moved lower, skimming my side.

  I scowled deeply and ground my teeth. I decided to give him another second.

 "Wanna go to a nearby Janitor's closet?"

 I wrinkled my nose up in disgust. His hand went lower, lightly touching my hip. Too far. I pulled my arm back and let it snap forward, startled when I hit only air. The boy had been slammed against the lockers next to me.

  Leo was snarling in his face, tone harsh.

 Leo shoved him one last time and backed up. The guy glanced over at me.

 "Whatever man, she ain't worth it."

 I glared daggers into his back as he sauntered away. Leo turned and stepped to me.

"You okay?" He asked, looking normal again.

 I nodded.

 "I think this has something to do with that 'Matt' rumor."

 I gave him a 'duh' look and continued walking to 6th period.

"You sure you're fine?" He called.

I spun on my heel and gave a dazzling smile. I then threw him a wave and kept walking.

 The truth was I was a little weird-ed out and extremely disgusted. I would need a super-shower to get those perv germs off.


 Boys approached me the rest of the day. In class, out of class, on the way to class. I swear, they had no dignity. So far my meeting places of choice have been - A hall closet, a janitors closet, an empty classroom, a locker-room, and let's not forget the oh-so romantic choice of a bathroom stall.

  Leo hovered around me now as I walked towards my locker after 7th period, warning away guys with a look. I mean, if I didn't know any better, I'd believe he was jealous. But, I did know better.

 I heaved a sigh and threw my locker open. I began putting books up when I heard a crash and felt a pair of hands on my hips. Someone spun me around.

  A guy with dark hair and nearly black eyes stood in front of me. He was around Leo's height only a bit shorter and his build was smaller. He had the potential to be attractive, if I wasn't completely frightened.

  I peeked around him and saw Leo sitting against the opposite lockers, looking dazed. Woah, this dude snuck up on us? Leo snapped out of it and snarled. He lifted himself and strode towards the guys back.

  I looked up at the dude, who didn't even seem to notice. He was just staring at me. Leo gripped the back of the guys neck and yanked him away. The hands constricting my hips were gone and now digging into Leo's shoulders.

 Leo smirked at the guy and kicked one of his legs out, landing it directly in the shin. The boy's knees buckled and one hit the tile ground. Leo took the chance and flung the boy against the lockers near me.

 "Dude, you never said she was yours. Free game," The guy finally spoke.

"After all, did you hear what she did with me?" Oh, this must be Matt. Well, that sucks. Leo stepped close to Matt, wiping blood off his lip. Matt wiped his bloody nose. Leo smacked the side of the teen boy's head, hard.

  Then he turned, grabbing my wrist.

 He dipped my back a little and leaned in, kissing me. I felt an immediate rush of tingles and closed my eyes. Butterflies hammered frantically against my stomach and I'm pretty sure my heart stopped again. I reached my arms up and wrapped them around his neck, partly for support, partly for the embrace.

  I kissed him back earnestly, trying to commit all my feelings into one. It must have worked, because I could taste his smile. He retracted his head and stood up straight, putting an arm around my waist. He stared at the surprised crowd, which had gathered, and Matt.

  "She's mine."

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