15 Chapter 15

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Dahyun POV

"Are you alright? What happened?", sana asks with a worried look on her face.

"Yeah no, it's nothing. Don't worry, I'm fine", I don't want her to worry too much and it's somehow a bit embarrassing for me to tell her what happened.

"It's nothing? Dahyun, this is not nothing. You seriously got hurt, don't pretend it's nothing when you're clearly bleeding out of some places. Who the fuck did this to you? I swear I'm gonna-", she takes a deep breath, I've never seen her this mad.

She suddenly grabs my hand and says, "hey, everything's gonna be okay. I'm really sorry for not coming on time, but I'm here now, you hear me? I'm here, let me take you to my place since we're so close".

She then puts my arm around her shoulder and drags me to her house. 

"You- you don't have to do that. I can walk by myself, here look", I let go of her shoulder and try to walk but I immediately feel myself falling.

"Dahyun!", she shouts as she quickly holds me so that I don't fall to the ground, "don't do that again, you could've hurt yourself even more now!", oh no, did I make her mad?

I silently turn my eyes to the ground and apologize to her, "I'm sorry, I just- you don't have to help me. I don't want to bother you in any way".

"Dahyun. You're not bothering me, you could never bother me. Of course I want to help you, you're hurt and I can't just stand here and do nothing about it. I- I want you to know that you can trust me. I know it might sound weird but your health is the most important thing to me, I'm not kidding"

I swear I have no words to describe this girl. She's so freaking sweet and does things I never thought anyone would do for me. 

"Thank you so much", I say. I wish I could say more but I somehow can't. I think I'm just really tired right now.

At her home

"Dad, I need your help!", sana shouts.

"What happened??", sana's dad rushes to the doorway.

"She got hurt", she explains.

"What? How?", he turns at me.

"I- there were some guys who started kicking me out of nowhere", I quickly reply.

I can see her surprised face from the side of my eye.

"Seriously?? How do they look and do you know where they could be now?", her dad asks me.

"They all have a leather jacket and black pants on. I saw them going to a bar on the end of this street", I remember.

"Oh I know where they are now! Hey sana, please take care of her and get her to your room to lie down. I'll be right back" 

"Wait where are you going?", she asks.

"I'm gonna teach those kids a lesson", he says as he takes the keys and leaves the house.

Me and sana are just standing there trying to process everything.

"Hey, it's gonna be fine. My dad's gonna take care of it. He never lets anything slide. Don't worry, you'll never see them again" 

"Come to my room, I'll treat your bruises with some ice"

She takes me to her room and I sit on her bed. 

"Just lie down," she says as she slowly and carefully pulls me down, "I'm gonna get you some ice"

Not even a minute passed when she came back. She sits next to me, on the side of her bed as she puts the ice on my arm where most of my bruises are and is holding onto it so that it doesn't fall off.

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