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Peckfriends - Saida by sanailysm
Peckfriends - Saidaby itsjustme
Sana and Dahyun love to cuddle together as friends, hugs, naps, little pecks on the cheeks, etc. But recently, Sana has been more intense, and Dahyun just lets her be si...
Dahyun One-Shots! by Hazewkii
Dahyun One-Shots!by ha~zu~ki
all overrated and underrated dahyun ships available! but mostly Dayeon, Mihyun and Saida. Enjoy~
Soulmate: tú nombre en mi piel ; michaeng  by motxra
Soulmate: tú nombre en mi piel ; S.
Al cumplir los 21 años el nombre de tú alma gemela aparece en cualquier parte de tú cuerpo. Mina nunca tuvo problemas con tener un alma gemela. Hasta que el nombre de su...
Together  by djuli1_WJ
Together by RealBchinJJShyDa
Homophobic GO AWAY!!! Dua insan yang saling mencintai dengan tulus harus dipisahkan oleh jarak yang memaksa mereka harus menyerah pada cinta masing-masing. Bagaimankah...
[Twice Oneshot] by EvilMaknaeXXX
[Twice Oneshot]by EvilMaknaeXXX
9 lovely gays, I mean Girls Oneshots This is a GxG stories so if you don't like it, Just leave peacefully :> i'll write BxG if you want to :) but it should be paired...
ILYSB ; jensoo by maknaesthetic
ILYSB ; jensooby Meikō
"You mean the most to me" © maknaesthetic 2018
The GamePlan by BlackSwanSharon
The GamePlanby Anonnymous_Official
Jujur masih bingung untuk Deskripsinya hehehe... Story Line nya sih tentang Kisah Cinta Manajer Tim SepakBola Profesional yang terkenal dingin dan terkenal karena Tempra...
don't wanna cry 》jeongsa (hiatus) by yell0w0
don't wanna cry 》jeongsa (hiatus)by akslgy [inactive]
this is a story, of how i met her for the second time, after ten years, when we're both 28. this is just her, who is constantly crying, night after night, on the corners...
Yours truly (Saida) by dubu_tofu12
Yours truly (Saida)by dubu_tofu12
Dahyun is forced to go to a party with her best friend Chaeyoung. When she gets there, she's all bored and wants to go home.. until she sees a girl named Sana. The girl...
The Truth Untold [SaiDa One Shot] by DuBulilay
The Truth Untold [SaiDa One Shot]by AestheticFiery
In which Dahyun decided not to tell the truth to Sana. "I still want you." Date Started: February 03, 2019 Date Completed: February 03, 2019
 Let me know || Sana Minatozaki by softforsana
Let me know || Sana Minatozakiby softforsana
[ON A BREAK] You never know how much you needed someone until all you have is that someone.
[AllxDahyun] Ký Túc Xá by ThuCuteeeNeeeee
[AllxDahyun] Ký Túc Xáby Dayy Thư
Kim Dahyun sinh ra trong 1 gia đình nghèo ba mẹ chỉ sống với Dahyun tới năm cô lên lớp 6 cô được người dì và dượng nhận nuôi tuy họ rất thương cô nhưng gia đình vẫn phải...
The Hunger game by JjungLe
The Hunger gameby JjungLe
Một thế lực hắc ám tấn công fancafe của 12 nhóm nhạc, hiện lên đầu trang website hình ảnh của hai người trong mỗi nhóm và một đồng hồ đếm ngược. Các công ty quản lý hoàn...
SaiDa's Cute Oneshorts by BunieeTr
SaiDa's Cute Oneshortsby Buân Nè
Tuyển tập những mẩu truyện ngắn đáng yêu của Minatozaki Sana và Kim Dahyun
Twice Agents  by cookiemonstiirr
Twice Agents by seyoung-ah
The simplest group and ordinary students of twice university are the mysterious agents that has a mission to bring down the people who are part of the ghost organization...
GayLand_Bar (for more) by linhloveu
GayLand_Bar (for more)by diệu linh
Different Sexual Different Lover But all of them are idol. They want to LOVE too. fucking stupid Society
Kabaklaan ng Twice by jeongyeonfarts
Kabaklaan ng Twiceby jeong
hello there mothafucking thirsty onces! this book contains sarcastic and sexual jokes so if you are a very sensitive person or get triggered easily, ask yourself why ar...
Saida- by kpopx_w
Saida-by kpopx
Sana is like dahyun! Dahyun is like sana! Es el amor perfecto! Aunque JYP es muy serio con estás cosas ... Aun así saida siempre continuo fluyendo
Poison In The Skin // SaiDa by PetitPottato
Poison In The Skin // SaiDaby LePetitV
Kim Dahyun es una muchacha sencilla, con una vida tranquila y sin grandes preocupaciones. Es amiga de siete excepcionales muchachas, estudia en una de las mejores Univer...