1 Chapter 1

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"Chae, please, I really don't wanna go to this lame partyyy" I groan giving her my irresistible puppy eyes.

"Dubu, come on, my college friends will be there too. I want you to meet them, I bet you guys would get along really well" she says putting her arm on my right shoulder.

Ugh looks like my puppy eyes aren't as irresistible as I thought.

"Okay, fine, you win. I'll go"

"Really?? Thank youuu! You're the best bro ever!" she says excitedly giving me a hug.

I chuckle, "I know, bro, but you owe me one"

"Yeah, really, thank you for coming with me. Sorry, I gotta go home now, text ya later!" she says waving at me.

Me and chae are really close friends, and no, not in that way, we're more like sisters to each other. We actually met in the school library. I was studying for my upcoming exam and in the moment my eyes left the sheets, I saw this girl with her back turned at me. She was trying to reach for a book which was on the upper shelf. I couldn't hold my laughter when I saw her on her tiptoes and noticed how much she was struggling to get it, so I stood up and got it for her. Well, since then we've talked to each other every day and eventually became best friends. Unfortunately we had to go separate ways because we went to different colleges, but at least we're still in touch with each other.

I really don't want to go to that stupid party because there's just way too much noise and too many people at once, but I want to do chae this favor. Let's just hope I won't regret this later.

The next day

I finally wake up after a long sleep and try to find my phone in my pitch dark room. As I turn it on, its high brightness immediately causes my eyes to squint, making me look like a sensible granny. I start laughing at that thought, but my smile fades in a snap after reading the notification on my lockscreen.

"Bro: heyyy I'm so excited for today!"

My eyes open wide as I facepalm, "holy crapadoly, it's today?!". I turn on the light, jump out of the bed and run to my closet desperately looking for what to wear tonight. But why am I even worried about it? It's only a lame party and I'm only going for my best friend's sake, so there's no need to stress. I just grab the first clothes I see: my ripped jeans and my Nirvana shirt. Guess my type of clothes fits well for parties, even though I'm not a party person at all.

"At what time are you picking me up?" I ask her through text.

"At like 9 o'clock?" she replies soon after.

"Sure, I'll be ready by then. See you later!"

Not expecting a reply, I make my way downstairs and fix myself a bowl of cereal. I grab a spoon along with a bowl and then pour the milk carefully in because last time I spilled it all over the table, sorry again, mom. I then grab the Lucky Charms box and shake it till they almost reach the top of the bowl.

"How dare you put milk before cereal?" my brother asks passing by me with a disappointed look.

"Good morning to you too. So what's wrong with that? I just like my cereal to be crunchy and not all soft. The crunch is my favorite part" I say with an irritated glance towards him.

"You're so weird, I swear" he says leaving the kitchen with a pack of oreo.

I ignore his comment and sit on my usual spot. Me and my older brother never really got along with each other, we fight like all the time because he always finds something to judge about me and the actions I take. Anyways, I'm used to that, deep inside I know that he loves me, even if he can be an ass sometimes. Well, aren't all siblings like that?

My thoughts soon get interrupted by the beeping sound of my phone.

"Reminder: Don't forget to watch the latest Hunter x Hunter episodes!" sent by the anime app I downloaded a couple of days ago.

A smile appears on my face, how did I forget about that? I still have so many episodes to watch and finally got time because it's the weekend now. I just find the story so fascinating and sweet. It's about a little boy determined to become a hunter, who has to pass so many hard missions in order to find his father, who he thought was dead, but found out he's still out there somewhere.

After I finished eating, I clean everything up and go upstairs to my room. I turn my phone on and click on the notification. The anime app opens up showing all the remaining episodes waiting to be watched. I then put my headphones on and start watching a couple of them. At this moment I didn't know I would actually end up binge-watching them.

At 8:13 pm

My eyes widen as I look away from my phone screen to my alarm clock, "oh crappity crap crap". I totally forgot that chae's going to pick me up in less than an hour. Why am I always forgetting stuff like this? Ugh I better hurry up and get ready now, don't want to be late.

I storm out of my room and aim for the bathroom. When I saw myself in the mirror, I immediately run back to my room. No, not because I scared myself with my ugliness (I got used to it), but my dumb ass forgot that I'm still in my pajamas and have to get dressed up. As soon as I slid my left leg into my ripped jeans, my foot got stuck on a hole and I almost fell trying to get it out. I laugh at myself for a good minute and then run out of my room again. I finally wash my face, brush my teeth and put some make-up on because this isn't a halloween party. It takes me almost half an hour to get ready. At least I still have a couple minutes to mentally prepare myself for all the noise and crowds of people coming up.

At 9:02

I hear a bell ringing, it's probably chae. I look outside my window and see her waiting in front of my house door.

"Mom! Chae's here. We're going to the party now" I half-yell because she's in the kitchen.

"Alrighty, have fun and take care of yourselves. Be home before midnight, sweetie"

"Thanks, yeah, see you later!"

I plug my headphones as well as my charger out and run downstairs to open the door.

"You're late", I say laughing at her.

"Better late than never, right?", she says smiling while we head to her dad's car.

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