8 Chapter 8

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Oh crap! I quickly search for a place to hide my book, seeing the only option being under the bed. I slide it under as the door opens. Oof, that was a close one. My eyes wander to Sana, my mouth slowly opens. I was right! She looks so damn cute in those pajamas. But wait, she has green striped shorts with a red striped top on? That's a weird combination.

"Heyyyy! Did I make you wait for too long?"

"Oh no, no. Time goes fast when I'm on youtube"

She smiles at me looking for something.

"Ah there you are! I thought I lost you for a bit" she says talking to a green striped top.

I laugh at the fact that she just talked to a piece of clothing, but my laugh quiets down as she changes the tops. I silently watch the whole process. As she takes it off more skin is shown. Her belly looks so soft. Her lack of clothing makes me speechless. My eyes travel a bit above. She has a pink bra on, I somehow can't take my eyes off it. Why do I feel so lucky to be experiencing this? To have this view right now? When I, myself, am a girl? I don't know, I still have so many unanswered questions flying through my mind.

"You like what you see?" she smirks.

Fuck, she noticed that?? I immediately pick up my phone to make it seem like I was using it. My heart's racing so fast, I made it way too obvious.

"I've seen you looking at me, you dummy. No need to pretend otherwise" she giggles.

"Uh so what pajama can I wear?" I embarrassdly ask, changing the subject.

"Hmmmm, this one would look really cute on you" she says handing me over the red striped one.

"I wore that top just now, but don't worry, it's washed" she assures me.

Jesus christmas, I'm going to wear Sana's top she just wore?? God, what did I do to deserve this?

"Thanks" I say as if it was nothing, hiding my blushing face.

I make my way to the bathroom as the smell of shampoo reaches my nose. It smells so good. I take a look at the little accessoires surrounding the sink. There's a variety of makeup products followed by a half filled (wow this girl really turned me into an optimist) bottle of fragrance called "Estee Lauder". Her bathroom is quite big, it has a bathtub next to a shower. As I look up at the fogged mirror I see a couple hearts shaped on it. I must've said this so many times already, but I can't say it enough: This girl is so freaking cute.

After some time, I get out of the bath and clean myself with the towel she left for me on the closed laundry hamper. I then take the pajama and try putting it on. The top feels a bit weird, but that's probably because it's not my size. Her smell is still on it though, fortunately.

On my way back, some paintings hanging aligned next to each other on the wall immediately catch my attention. I look at them one by one, but none of them amaze me more than the last picture hanging there. I see a little girl who I could recognize anywhere. It's Sana sitting on a bench with an adorable smile on her face, holding an ice cream cone in her right hand. I wonder what flavor that was, it's white so vanilla or coconut maybe? Hmm I don't know. I look and analyse it as if it was one of DaVinci or Picasso's most valuable works. But not even they could draw something as breath-taking as this. The greatest masterpiece in history, if you ask me. It wouldn't even do justice if it was exhibited at the Louvre, it deserves way better than that. I personally hate art and stuff like that, but oh how much money I'd give to own this.

After taking a look at every painting and picture, I walk back to her room. It doesn't take me two steps in for her to start laughing at me.

"Why are you laughing?" I ask looking confused.

"You're wearing the top the other way around".

"Omg really?? That explains why it's a bit itchy" I say giving myself a facepalm.

I try to turn it around without taking it out, but it's harder than I thought.

"Wait, I'll help you" she says approaching me.

She carefully pulls it up exposing my bare skin and my bra. I immediately put my hands on my tummy and on my chest to cover them up.

She notices how embarrassed I am, "hey, don't be shy. You're so beautiful". We look into each other's eyes then I look down at her lips. At this moment I completely forgot about the top. I see her biting her lips as she takes a look at my exposed skin.

For the first time I gather up my courage and be the one who takes the step. My fingers find their way to the back of her neck while my face gets closer to hers. I stand on my tip toes because of our height difference, making me a bit embarrassed. Noticing that, she carries me walking up to her bed while our lips find each other again. She carefully lays me on it and I position myself more comfortably with my head on her pillow. She's still lying on me, using her elbows to keep herself up. For a second I worry about her using all her strength, but her body keeps distracting me.

She slowly finds her way down to my neck, leaving a trace of kisses behind. With one hand I'm holding her hip and with the other one the bed material. I can't help but let out a moan which made her slow down to bite her lips. She looks up at my face, breathing a bit heavily and smiling at my lips. Damn that hot face makes me feel some type of way. I'm even more attracted to her now. Everything seems to go in slow motion. I'm so nervous and freaking out on the inside, in a good way though.

She takes off her top as we proceed kissing each other. It later comes to an end by her laying her head on my shoulder. I can feel her warm breath on my collarbone and her smooth legs interwine with mine. We fall asleep together in that position. The best sleep I ever had, like literally. What an incredible night.

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