5 Chapter 5

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It's 3 am, I'm still wide awake after countless failed sleep attempts. I’m just too excited and too nervous to fall asleep. It's as if tomorrow's your first day of school and you're so nervous to go. This time I'm nervous too, but in a good way. A good nervous. 

I wonder what her house looks like from the outside as well as the inside. I’m really curious to find out more about it, to find out more about her. She’s just so.. interesting. I wonder if this “interesting” is the same one she described me as earlier at the party. 

It’s crazy how one night was enough to change my whole life. Enough to lighten up my world and bring positivity into my thoughts. That remembers me that every time I scrolled through my feed on Instagram, there were these love quotes and captions people constantly write on or under their posts, which I always sighted at because I just found them so cringy. Although when I think about them now, they describe exactly how I’m feeling since the moment I saw Sana. Feelings that somehow got put into phrases. 

I now understand better what this love thing is about, what it means, how it feels, how addictive it makes you. It’s also crazy how contradictory it is. It can make you all happy and joyful at one moment, but it can also make you all sad and depressed on the other. I still can't believe how this girl never, not even once in her life, was in a relationship before, it's so unrealistic, so incomprehensible. 

Either way, I can't deny how happy this girl makes me. I wish I could text her now, but she's probably sleeping and I don't want to wake her up. 

I grab my phone and open my messages, the ones of me and Sana. I find myself reading all of them, from the very beginning to the end. The word "cutie" and how she calls me "Dahyun-ah" still sends a shiver down my spine. My eyes slowly being closing while thinking about her. 

At 10.15 am 

The alarm on my phone rings, I almost immediately try turning it off because I hate that sound. It reminds me of school, yurk. But I had to set it because if I didn't, I'd totally sleep in, no doubt. 

I wake up with a huge smile on my face because I just remembered that I'm finally going to see Sana really soon. I put on my ocean blue jeans and a crop top. I never wear this type of clothes, only those jeans for school sometimes, but crop tops aren't mine because I'm always kinda afraid to show my skin, in this case, my belly. I don't really have confidence in my body at all, but since all the other clothes I have are not so pretty, I don't really have a choice, do I? I'd really do anything just to please her. After dressing up, I whistle "All of me" on my way to the bathroom. My brother yawns opening his door and looks at me like paralysed. I didn't even notice him until

"Woah I've never seen you this happy, did something happen?" he asks looking confused.

"It's just such a wonderful day, isn't it?" I say smiling.

"Uh but you just woke up and your curtains are closed too, so how would you know that?" he asks with a face that reminds me of myself when I try understanding maths. 

"I just know it" I chuckle before I continue whistling. 

"You're so weird. You know that, don't you?" he asks raising an eyebrow.

"Thanks" I reply happily.

"Did you even hear what I just said? That wasn't a compli- ugh forget it" he sighs turning the other way.

Like I said, I'm just too happy to be mad. Even if he interrupted my whistle and took some of my time away, it somehow doesn't bother me at all. 

I finally reach the bathroom and get ready for today. I wash my hands and face, brush my teeth and hair, put on some makeup and leave the room. I go downstairs, make myself a bowl of cereal, as always putting milk first, and eat it up. I check my phone and see no text from Sana which I find a bit weird.

"Hey Sana!🤗 I'm leaving my house in a few mins, so I should be there by 12 o' clock, maybe even a bit sooner, is that okay?😅 oh btw, I don't even know where you live😂❤"  

What is she doing right now? She always replies me back in a sna- oh! 

"Heyyyy cutie!☺️ Sorry for not texting you, I was getting everything ready for you to come, but I'm done now! And of course! The sooner the better🥰 and omg sorry, I thought I already told you🤦‍♀️😂❤" she says sending me her address separately on another text.

She called me cutie again, how is everything she is and does my weakness? Oof. And what does she mean she's getting everything ready for me to come? I hope she didn't do too much, it's just me so there's no need to clean everything up or so. 

I reply telling her that it's no problem and that I'm so excited to see her again, which I really am. I then close the tab and open my anime app to watch some episodes till the time comes. I'm almost finished done with it, which, on the one hand, is kinda sad because the story is so amazing and I love it so much, but on the other hand, I'm glad because that means I have all the time in the world to talk to Sana.
After a couple minutes, I pick up my handbag where I put my charger, in case I need it since I'm going to stay there for the whole day. I then call my dad saying that it's time for us to go in order not to be late. We head to the car and he drives me to the address she sent me. It didn't take long to get there or was it because I was nervous all the time that it went by so fast?

"See you later, alligator. So I'm gonna pick you up at 11 pm, like you said, right?" he asks me.

"Yeah, 11 pm is fine. No need to come sooner" 

"Okay, see you" 

"Byeee!" I say closing the door of the car.

I walk up to her door, it immediately opens up as soon as a take the last step. She's standing right in front of me in comfy-looking clothes, so damn stunningly beautiful.

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