13 Chapter 13

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When they saw us going up the stairs to our row, they immediately stopped as if they were doing something bad.

"Oh wha- you guys are back already?" Chae nervously asks.

"Yeah we just went to the bathroom. Wait were you guys just-?"

"Whaaat? No! It's not what it looked like. She just had popcorn on her lips and I wanted to help her take it out"

"By kissing her??"

"What?? No! I just had to be really close to her face so that I could see where that popcorn piece is because the movie theater is really dark" she quickly explains.

"Yeaaah of course bro, you do you" I smirk.

I can hear Sana's chuckles in the back. Oh how that sound makes me so happy. We sit on our seats again and watch the movie till the end- I mean, I'll *listen* to the movie to the end because there's no way I'll be able to watch it. 

When it's done, we get off our seats and share our opinions about it. Everyone seemed to have liked it, I couldn't really say anything since I've been covering my eyes throughout the whole movie and don't have a single clue what happened. Never the less, it was awesome. So awesome. I'm not talking about the movie, I'm talking about me and Sana. I always held on to her and she kept petting me. She's so cute I swear to God. She just takes all my fear out with one simple touch. I love her. I really do.

"So are you guys taking the train too?" Chae asks.

"Yeah I'll take it with you" mina replies with a smile.

"Me too" sana answers.

"I'm actually going by bus, I don't like taking trains that much" I say with a desperate look because I'll have to go alone.

"Wait no, I'll go by bus too then" sana suddenly changed her mind.

"I thought you said you'd take the train with them", I'm confused.

"Yeah but no, it's night now and I don't want you to go home alone, it's dangerous" sana says with a worried look.

"Awwww sanaaa, thank you so much, that means a lot to me" I say with a pleading face.

Chae and mina look disgusted so they just said goodbye and left. 

"Today was really fun, we need to go out again sometime soon" Sana says.

"We dooo, I really loved it a lot. Thank you for coming with us, if you weren't here then I wouldn't have survived the movie" I laugh.

"Awww of course I came, thank you for inviting me. I'll always protect you my dahyunnie" she smiles.

That day was so great. The picnic, the movie (well not the movie itself ;) ), the kiiiss… wow, just wow.

When I got home, I took a shower and then looked for my bag.

"Ah here you are!" I say as soon as I find it lying on my desk chair under all my clothes.

I go through it but I can't find it. I can't find my notebook.

"Friiiidge!!!" I shouted to myself when I realized I forgot it in Sana's place.

"Are you hungry, dubu?" Mom asks me from downstairs.

"What?? No" I reply in confusion.

"You just shouted 'fridge', there's plenty of food in the fridge, sweetie" my mom explains.

"Yeah but no food that I'm in the mood to eat"

"Well that's not my fault" my mom sighs.

"Yeah but-" wait what am I doing?? I don't care about the fridge, the heck. "Nevermind, mom. You're right" I tell her so that we finish arguing about this unnecessary thing. 

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