6 Chapter 6

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"Dahyun-aaaah!!! If you only knew how much I've missed you!!" she says coming closer for a hug.

A tight one, a really tight one. I missed her so much too. Her voice, her smell, her beautiful face, just everything about this girl.

"Awww me too, Sana" I blush returning the gesture.

After a bit we let ourselves go.

"So this is my house! Please make yourself at home" she grins.

"Wow it's looks so big! Can't wait to see how it is inside"

We get in and my mouth falls into an O. Woaaaah! It's so clean and the furniture reminds me of older times. I'm not used to it because my house is more modern, but I'm really liking this type.

Sana laughs at my face, "everything looks really old, doesn't it?"

"Yeah but I really like it! It's so different and looks really cool" I say still surprised.

"Thanks! But let's go to the kitchen, you must be hungry" she takes my hand leading me there.

Oh geez louise, her hand feels so soft and warm. I could hold it all day long. I can already feel my heart beating a bit faster than its usual rhythm.

We enter the room and my eyes widen as I see a table full of different types of food.

"I don't know what you like to eat, so I cooked a bit of everything" she smiles at me.

"Y-you made all this? I mean, you cooked this by yourself? Oh, this is what you meant when you said you were getting everything ready?" I say with a worried look, but also a fluttered one.

"Yeah it's no biggie. I'm used to cook food for myself, so it's no problem cooking for two" she explains taking a chair out of the table.

She looks at me without moving, looking as if she's waiting for something, but I don't know what.
Oh omg! She's holding out the chair for me. As soon as I realize it, I immediately walk up to her.

"Oh I'm so sorry, I'm so dumb" I say scratching my neck.

"Aww no, don't apologize!" She says rubbing her hand on my back while I bend down to sit down.

After almost an hour of eating and talking, we finished our meals.

"Woah I'm so full!" I say laughing, "it was really good, you need to teach me how to cook sometime"

"You really liked it? I'm so glad" she blushes, "and of course! I'd be honored to teach you" she smirks.

We clean up the table till there's nothing on it anymore.

"Hey let's go upstairs! I wanna show you my room" she suggest taking my hand without a warning again.

While walking up the stairs my eyes turn to her back. Her brown hair is curly, just like the waves of an ocean. My eyes then wonder to her hand, the one I'm somehow holding right now. The sight of us holding hands makes me chuckle.

"This is it!" she says gesturing at a big room.

"Waaah! It looks so cute!" I say looking at her pink walls, medium-sized picture frames and colorful little accessoires she has sitting on her desk.

"Thank youuu" she says before sitting on her bed.

"Come sit next to me" she suggests excitedly.

I still can't believe I'm in Sana's house. In her room. Sitting on her bed. Next to her. Alone.

She asks me how chae and I met so I tell her the whole story about the school library and her struggling to reach a book. She laughs at it showing her teeth and lays her head on my shoulder. Omg she's way too cute, I can't. I rest my head on hers too and soon after, she lays her hand on my leg. I- is this really happening? I slowly put my hand on hers and grab it. I carefully turn my head up and see her look down at me. I take a moment just to examine her face, the most breath-taking one I've ever seen. Her eyes, her nose, her lips are just.. perfect. She is perfect. She pulls out her hand and aims it slowly to my fa- ughhhh my damn phone just vibrated. I take it out of my pocket because it's my parents. I know that for sure because I don't have wifi on and no one (well except for Sana) would text me on a normal sms. I sight while turning it on.

"Mom: Sweety, there's a little problem, we ca..."

A problem? What problem? My frown thoughtfully and click on the notification to fully read it.

"Sweety, there's a little problem, we can't pick you up because today the streets are closed here now so no one can go in nor out with the car. I'm really sorry, but you have to ask your friend to let you sleep there. Kisses."

WHAAAAT?! I-i-i have to sleep here?? Out of all the days they could close the streets, why did it have to be today? I desperately ask myself.

"What's wrong?" she says giving me a worried look.

"Oh it's this, look" I say handling over my phone to her showing my mom's text.

"Oh what? Really? I totally forgot that was today," she says shyly "hey but don't worry, I'll lend you one of my pajamas" she assures me smiling.

"I'm really so sorry about this, I didn't think it would happen" I say giving her a worried face.

"Oh no, don't be sorry. I have plenty so you just need to choose one" she says petting my hair.

"Thank you so much" I say giving her a last look before texting my mom back.

"Oh okay, yeah she said she'll give me one of her pajamas for the night, so we'll be fine xx"

As soon as I sent it, I can feel a hand touching my fingers that were typing, slowly dragging my phone down. I look up at Sana with a confused face.

"W-what are you doing?" I stutter.

She puts her index finger on my lips to shush me, "you want it too, don't you?" she asks leaning down and putting our faces dangerously close together. There's no one who could interrupt us, we're alone. Her finger lingers on my jawline.

We're kissing.

I-I can finally feel the warmth of her lips confirming how smooth and sweet I predicted they'd taste. But it's even better than I could imagine.

The kiss begins to escalate.

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