17 Chapter 17

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Dahyun POV

We woke up to a knocking sound, "hey you girls up yet?", sana's dad asked behind the door.

"Yeah we just woke up", sana replies as she yawns.

"How are you feeling? It must be hurting a lot", he turns to me.

"Oh no no, I'm fine, it doesn't hurt as much anymore! Thank you for worrying about me, sir."

"I'm glad to hear that and dear, please don't call me sir, it makes me feel old hahaha. You can call me Hiro or even... dad, only because it's you", he smiles at me.

Did he, like, did he just say "dad"??? Why would he say that? Like why-

"Don't worry, I know about you two and I totally support you guys hehe."

"Dad, for real? How did you know?", sana asks surprised.

"Those bastards told me. By the way, I'm pretty sure they learned their lesson but please make sure to be careful next time, okay? Both of you"

"We will, promise. Thanks dad, really", sana reaches in for a hug.

"Thank you... dad", I join them.

"Do you wanna eat here with us, dahyun?", he asks me.

"I'm so sorry, I would love to but I think it's better if I go home now because it's getting late and my mom's probably gonna start worrying about me. She's a bit strict, that's why I can't stay very late at other people's house.", I explained embarrassedly.

"Oh I'm sorry to hear, dear. Just know that you're welcome here anytime, okay?"

"Thank you so so much, really. And thank you again for today."

"Wait let me bring you home, atleast", sana suggests me.

"Oh but you really don't have to"

"You can't walk right yet, you can't go along, it's a long way. Here, let me help you put on your jacket", she says as she gets it and puts it on me.

Man I feel like I've bothered her and her dad today, I really didn't mean for any of that to happen. They went out of my way because of me and her dad could have gotten in trouble, because of me.

I think sana noticed me worrying, am I always that obvious at showing my feelings? Ugh.

She leans in on me and softly kisses my cheeks, "you ready to go?"

On our way home, she had her arm around my back to help me walk. She really is a little angel.

"This street now... yeah I live in this house", I say as we stand in front of my door.

"Hey thank you for everything, for helping me with the bruises, helping me walk all the way here, all of it. Thank you", I softly kiss her cheek, just like she did earlier.

"That's the least I could do for you, dubu. Now please take good care of yourse-", my house door suddenly opens and scares both of us.

"Dahyun! What the hell happened?! Did she do this to you??? I knew it wasn't a good idea to let you hang out with her! I had a weird feeling about this, letting you meet up with some girl again. I knew she was bad company-", my mom shouts.

"What? No, no! Some guys beat me up in the street, she's my friend and had nothing to do with that, she actually helped me cure the bruises."

"Yeah yeah. Come in, now!", she pulls me away from sana and forces me to go in.

"I-I'm so sorry! I'll text you, I swear!", I say as fast as I can before the door closes shut.

"Mom, what was that?? Why did you do this just now?"

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