16 Chapter 16

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Recap of the last chapter:

Dahyun got beat up by a gang of homophobes, sana later found her on the street and took her home. Her dad got worried too and went to confront them. In a deep conversation between the girls, dahyun suddenly confessed to her and sana aswell. But what happened to her dad...?

Sana's dad POV:

"Just wait you little bastards, I'm coming for all of you."

Finally arriving at the bar sana's friend said they were at, I find myself looking around to see where those guys are hiding.

"Leather jacket, black pants", I repeat in my head over and over again.

"Leather jacket, black pants... LEATHER JACKET, BLACK PANTS!!!", I shout to myself when I found them on the other side of the bar.

I'm walking towards them in a sped up tempo, letting them anticipate the consequences.

"YOU! How dare you lay your nasty fingers on that girl?! She came home crying and bleeding for fuck's sake! Aren't you old enough to know how to treat women? What am I even saying??- GIRLS?! Imagine that was your daughter, would you like to see your daughter coming home looking all bruised up because of some fucking assholes in the street?!"

"Sir, please calm down-", they have the guts to say.

"Don't you tell me to calm down, mister. I'm gonna call the police right here, right now."

"Sir, I admit we may have gone too far but atleast let us explain to you why that happened, you probably are clueless about everything which would explain why you reacted this way."

"The fuck do you mean? Don't try to talk your way out of this, young man."

"I swear, I'm not. Look, your daughter isn't who you think she is. She's a lesbian, a fucking disgusting person. She probably didn't tell you that but we saw her kiss some other girl at a party, you know how bad of a sin this is and-"

"Wait a damn minute... are you telling me you fucking beat her up because she kissed a girl?! Listen to yourself! And YOU call HER disgusting??? First of all, she's not my daughter-"

"See, that's right, she's not even your daughter anymore. She's some messed up creature", he dares to interrupt me.

"FUCKING HEAR ME OUT BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY ASSUMPTIONS! She's not my daughter, she's a friend of my daughter, got it? My daughter will always be my little girl, I don't give a shit who she kisses, likes, dates. I couldn't care less about that, as long as they make her happy. Now listen here, I've never seen her this happy ever since her mom passed away. You just made a huge mistake, you have no damn right to do that to her friend."

"So you're saying that she's not even your daughter and that your wife or something passed away and now your daughter is suddenly into girls? Don't you think she just longs for a feminine figure in her life? This is all an illusion, I'm telling you. She doesn't know what she wants, it's just cuz her mother's dead-"

"Fucking hell, stop talking like that! I know that girl is not my daughter but it feels like she is now, so you better stay away from them from now on, you got it?! And what do you even mean by that? Even if it were some random person I would never wish something like this upon them. You should shame yourselves, I don't know who the fuck raised you people or why you grew up this way but you're old enough to know better. Look at yourselves, you're like, what? In your middle twenties?? So start acting like it once and for all. Stop with this bullshit and stay the fuck away from my girls or I will make sure to call the police and this time for real!"

"Is everything alright here, gentlemen?", the owner of the bar came to us.

"Yeah, everything's fine. I was just about to leave.", I replied to him.

"You guys are damn lucky I didn't do anything to you, now I hope you learned from this and don't make me fucking regret it, understood??"

"Yes sir, I apologize on behalf of all of us. We'll make sure it won't happen again.", they said looking at the ground.

"Good.", I make my way out.

What a long ass day. Are we still living in the 19th century or what? Geeze let people love whoever they want to. They better stick to their promise. I swear I barely ever curse but this is just unbelievable and disrespectful.

*A couple minutes later*

"Sana, I'm home!", I say without hearing a response. I make my way to her room and knock on her door.

"Baby? Are you there? I just talked to those guys-", I slowly open the door.

"Awwww", looks like she fell asleep hugging her friend. I carefully put the blanket on them, gave both forehead kiss and turned the lights down.

"Today really was long, but atleast it ended in a warm way. She's just as beautiful as you, ain't I right, darling?", I whisper to the picture of me and my deceased wife on the wall.

"She's just as beautiful as you...", I repeat with a smile on my face.

Writer's note: omg hey guys! It's been so damn long, I'm so sorry but my finals are finally over and I know it's not as long but today I somehow felt motivated to write! I really hope you guys enjoy this chapter, I will try my best to write the next one really soon. Thank you so so so much for waiting so patiently, you guys are the best <3

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