14 Chapter 14

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Dahyun POV:

It's 12 am, I finally wake up and grab my phone. 6 unopened messages by sana? It's the first time she spammed me, normally she only sends 1 or 2 messages. I don't really like spam but with her I'd make as many exceptions as I need. 

"Goodmorning, did you sleep well?🥺"
"I know this is random but if something's wrong you can always talk to me, okay?"
"Even if I couldn't help you, you can let it all out on me and I'd always listen to every single words you say"
"Btw do you wanna meet up today? I just wanna talk to you"
"I miss youuu, please text me when you wake up"
"Hope you're sleeping well❤"

Awww what's wrong with her? She seems to be worried for some reason. Was it because she thinks I'm still scared of the movie from yesterday? I'm a scaredy cat but not to this point, so this can't be it. Hmmm, I wonder why she's acting like this. Maybe she's the one who indirectly needs help?

I approach my thumbs to the screen and start typing:

"Goodmorniiing, awww yes I did and you?🥺 awww thank you so much, that really means a lot to me, don't worry, I will🤗❤ yesss of course, wait I'll ask my mom after I finish replying to youuu hehe. I miss you toooo, hey is everything alright? You seem kinda weird today🥺"

I put my phone down, get up from the bed and zombily walk down the stairs.

"Hey dubu, you seem really sleepy eventho it's already so late", my mom asks me.

"I think the movie made me really tired yesterday", I reply, "oh btw mom, can I go to sana's place today?" 

"Again?", she confusedly asks, "didn't you already go to her some days ago?"

"Yeah but since we're on vacation soon and our tests are over, we wanted to meet more often", I reply back.

"Well, okay then", she replied with a sigh.


That was kinda awkward. What's wrong with going out all of a sudden? Ugh I'll just ignore it.

"I just asked my mom and she said I can come😆", I send to sana.

We decide to meet up at 3 pm at her place. It's so weird, I've seen her so often these days but I miss her the second she leaves. I don't know why but I really do.

2:13 pm

"Mom, I'll get going now!" 

"Already? Didn't you say it was at 3?"

"Yeah but I'm walking so it'll take longer to get there"

"Oh okay, have fun then"

"I will, thankssss"

I take the keys and put my jacket on as I step outside. The weather's beautiful today, the sun's shining right on my face. There's not many people out which is good for me, I don't like being around many people, it makes me nervous for some reason. The trees are dancing as the wind brushes them. I put my hands in my pocket because it's getting a bit chilly and I don't wanna have freezing hands later. I stumbled on a little rock and start kicking it on my way, it's a lot more fun than just walking like a normal person. Isn't it crazy how me and sana met so recently but already did so many things together??  I could never imagine any of that happening with some girl, plus she's not just "some" girl but she's THAT girl, my girl in my dreams. I still can't get over the fact that she's never dated before, like how?? She seems so- so experienced. I'd be the first then if we get together… I wonder if that would ever happen. I don't wanna have high and false hopes, I don't think she'd want to be with a girl like me anyways, I'm not good nor pretty enough compared to other girls. I wish I was tho, it's just unfair. It's also crazy that if I hadn't gone to that party, if chae wouldn't have convinced me to, then I wouldn't have met sana in the first place. I don't know what I would be doing right now or if I'd be this happy, most likely not. Well, I'm just glad it all happened somehow and I hope it only gets better now because I don't wanna lose someone like her. Someone who makes me feel better about myself, someone who makes me smile without even trying, someone who cares about me more than my own parents, someone who's genuinely interested in me and listens to me. I don't wanna lose that someone. I really don't. 

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