10 Chapter 10

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"Dahyun, wake up!" my mom says rushing to my room.

"Huh?" I try to open my eyes and turn my head to my alarm clock, "it's only 10 am, mom" 

"Exactly, so get up now. Our family will be here in no time" 

"Wait, what are you talking about? You didn't tell me they were coming today" I groan.

"Oh I must've forgotten, but get up now! You need to get ready, they should be here by the afternoon"

"Ugh relax, there's still 2 more hours left" 

"Dahyun. Get up, get ready and clean your room. NOW" my mom says in a more serious tone.

Jesus, it's not my fault for not knowing they'd come today. I hate my mom for yelling at me for this. It's always like this, she forgets telling me something and then I'm the one getting yelled at, great. Life's really unfair, huh?

After getting all ready, I go downstairs and sit on the couch waiting for my family to come. I take out my phone and a goodmorning text from Sana appears. Ugh I love her so much. I read it with a big smile on my face and try not to blush too much. After reading it over and over again (because of how cute she is), I finally reply and tell her at the end that I won't be able to text a lot today since my family's coming. After a bit she replies saying that it's no problem at all and that I should enjoy my time with them and text her when they're gone. A couple minutes later the bell rings and my mom goes to open the door. 

"Hiii!!" my mom shouts to her sister out of excitement as soon as she opens the door.

My aunt entered the room with my 3 cousins: Mina, Hyuk and Kiwon. Mina's 20, 2 years older than me (just like Sana), she's the cousin I'm the closest to. Hyuk's 13, he's so cute, he always gives me hugs and wants me to hold his hand. Kiwon's only 9, he pisses me off so much because everytime I'm with him he's always running around the house and yelling for no reason at all, like let me live in peace. At least I don't see them often because they moved away (thank God), but looks like they suddenly missed us and decided to pay a visit. I can stand them, don't get me wrong, it's just that Kiwon gets on my nerves sometimes but oh well, guess I'll have to deal with it.

"Dubuuu!!", Hyuk yells running to me with open arms as he comes in.

He's so cute, I swear. 

I bend down, swoop him into my arms and carry him. "Waaah you're heavier than last time!" I say with a smile.

"I know, these are all muscles" he says with a proud look.

"Oh wow, I guess you're right! Just let me check", I say and start tickling him.

"Dubu stop, you're making me laugh", he tries to say.

"I didn't know you were this ticklish" I giggle.

While I'm talking with him the others are looking at us from across the room. 

"It makes me so happy to see them get along this well" my aunt says to my mom.

"Yeah she's really good with children" my mom smiles.

While tickling him I got interrupted by Mina who walked over to me.

"Omg hey!! I'm so sorry, Mina! How are you?" I turn over to her as I carefully put Hyuk down. I reach in for a hug, we then go upstairs to my room and talk about everything that's been going in our lives since we missed out on so much.

"WOAAAAH YOU GUYS KISSED?!" Mina shouted in shock.

"Pshhh! You'll get me in trouble, no one here knows about this"

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