12 Chapter 12

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"Oh my god, you brought spicy noodles?? I love them so much", Sana excitedly shakes her hands.

"Hehe I know, and look what I brought aswell", I say as I take the smoothies out of my bag.

"No, you didn't! That's so sweet of you, dubu. You really didn't have to do any of this, like how did you even know what I like?"

"I got my connections" I proudly say, "oh by the way! This is for you, it's nothing much but yeah I wanted to give it to you" I say as I hand her the sunflower, and scratch the back of my neck out of embarrassment.

"Awwww dubuuu, you're such a cutie. Thank you so much, I love it" she says with puppy eyes as she places it behind her right ear.

"It looks so good on you" I shyly say.

After eating, we pack everything and take a walk through the park.

"Whoa is that an ice cream truck?!" Sana excitedly points at it like a little child.

I reach for her hand and approach the truck.

"Huh? Where are we going?" She asks with a surprised face.

"You want ice cream, don't you?" I smile at her.

"Oh no it's okay, I don't want to be late for the movie" she denies.

"Hello, one cup of chocolate, please" I say to the ice cream woman in front of us.

"Here you go, anything else?" the woman asks as she scoops the ice cream to the cup.

"Yes, just one moment", I tell her and turn to Sana, "So, what flavor do you want?"

"Uh.. one cone of coconut, please" Sana says to the woman.

So she likes coconut. Noted hehe.

"That will be all, thank you" I tell her as I go up to pay. I look for my wallet in my purse and take the money out.

"Wait, Dahyun, let me pay" Sana tells me with a worried look.

"I'll let you pay next time" I smile at her and turn to the woman, "here you go, ma'am".

"Dubu, you're way too kind. How can I pay you back for everything you did to me?" She worries.

"Just eat your ice cream unless you want it to melt" I giggle.

"Well, you already melt my heart so you gotta let me eat you before it's too late" she smirks.

"Oh Sana, you're such a flirt" I shyly laugh.

"Only with you, my dubu" she assures me.

We go up to a bench and take a seat. It's so quiet here, only the sound of birds chirping can be heard. 

"Mmm chocolate flavor is so good, do you wanna try some of mine?" I suggest.

"Awww you're so sweet" she smiles.

I scoop a bit of my ice cream with the spoon and raise my hand up to sana's mouth.

"Is it good?" I ask.

"Waaah! So good!" She shakes out of excitement, "do you want to try mine too?" 

"Sure, but only if you don't mind"

"Of course I don't", she does the same and it tastes so delicious.

I get lost for a moment as I look at her. This scene reminds me so much of the picture I saw on the wall at her place. Little Sana sitting on a bench while eating ice cream with her right hand. She looks just the same, she just got older but she herself really never changed. Pretty and cute just like her younger self. I'd fall in life with her even then as a little girl.

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