3 Chapter 3

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"So uh are you sure your boyfriend won't be worried if he doesn't find you?" I shyly ask.

"Oh no, he's just hanging out with his buddies"

"Oh.." I say with a fake smile.

So she does have a boyfriend. I was kinda hoping she'd say she doesn't have one, but what was I even thinking? A girl like her without a boyfriend is like a world without sun. Unimaginable, better said, impossible.

"Hey, I was just kidding. I don't have a boyfriend, I actually never was in a relationship before" she says embarrassed.

"What? Really? Y-you don't have a boyfriend??" I ask with a look of confusion, but also relief.

How can someone like her not have a boyfriend? I don't understand how people could overlook such an adorable human being. They're really missing out on something big.

"Yeah I'm single like a pringle" she says laughing.

Damn that laugh, for a second I forgot how much I love it. It's so genuine, so freaking cute.

"Wait, so that means you came alone?" I say with a worried look filling me face.

"Yup," she popps the P, "I live just around the block, so I thought why not come over cause my friends are here too, and I'm glad I did" she flirts.

"Is it because you like parties?"

"Oh god no, there's nothing I despise more," she laughs and then turns serious again, "it's actually because of someone I met here"

"That person must be really special. Don't you want to go to her?" I ask trying to hide my sad smile with a fake one again.

"She definitely is, and oh I already am with her" she says smiling.

She already is? What does she mean? My eyes widen, oooh I got it now. Oh my god, she's even cuter than I thought.

"Awww that's so kind of you to say, I'm glad I came too" I shyly say back.

Even though I didn't want to come to this party at all, I really meant what I just said. At first it was boring, but as soon as she turned up, it was everything but boring. I didn't expect to meet someone as nice as her in a place like this.

"Thanks, chae" I whisper under my breath.

"Hmm? Did you say something?" Sana asks raising her eyebrows.

"Oh no, nothing" I shyly reply.

She glimpses down into my lips before meeting my eyes again. Crap, do I have something on my mouth? I swear, I washed my face well and made sure everything was fine, so that can't be it. Wait, she did it again, coincidence? I don't know, but I find myself doing the same thing. Wow, they look so warm and sweet, I wonder if they taste like that too. We find ourselves looking at each other's lips and slowly but surely she's coming closer to me. I can feel her breath on my face, we're literally so close to each other. So, so clo-

"Ah there you are!" chae says.

Oh my freaking god, I thought this only happens in movies, but guess I was wrong. I love chae, but why did she have to destroy this moment? I may never have a moment like this in my life ever again.

"Wait, did I interrupt something? I'm so sorry, but my dad just texted me saying he's waiting for us on the other side of the street. He came earlier than I said he should, but that's my dad.." she says rubbing the back of her neck.

"You guys should better get going then, your dad must be worried" Sana says to chae.

"Uh yeah, good idea. I hope we'll see each other again soon" I say with a sad smile.

"Yeah me too" she says looking a bit worried.

I turn my back to her and follow chae to her dad's car. But as soon as I take a step forward, she grabs my arm, "hey, at least give me your number".

I stop and half turn my head, "m-my number?" I ask raising an eyebrow.

Did I hear that right? Did she just ask me for my number? Is this a dream?? It better not be. I turn around facing her, she's holding out her phone for me to write it on her contact list. She's looking at me with the cutest puppy eyes I've ever seen. I have no choice but to grab her phone. I look up to her and see her eyes focused on my fingers like a child waiting for their mother to sign a bad test. I tap the numbers and press 'save'.

"Thank youuu!! I'll text you in a few so that you have mine too" she says reaching in for a hu-, wait no, for a.. kiss on my cheek? Oh my god, I better not be dreaming.

I smile like an idiot for a second, but then I see chae waiting for me so I quickly try not to show it too much to not make it as obvious as before. I walk fast to her and turn around one last time. "Sana", what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl.

Chae looks at me with a smirk on her face.

"What's that look for?" I shyly ask.

"Oh it's nothing" she nudges me.

I laugh with her at myself on our way to her dad. It's pretty funny how this night went, it really took an unexpected turn. A good unexpected turn, one I'll definitely never forget.

A bit after we got in the car, my phone goes off. It's probably my mom asking if everything's alright. I take it out of my pocket and see a message from an unknown number.

"Heyyy Dahyun-ah, please text me when you get home! -Sana <3"

Okay, this time I really can't help but smile like an idiot, I don't even care anymore if chae sees it. I'm just too happy to hide it. This girl is so damn cute, it isn't normal anymore.

I click on the notification and save the number as a new contact. I'm really happy that she asked for my number, this way we can always stay in touch and don't have to worry about never being able to talk to each other again.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure to text you as soon as I get there!" I type in the bar. But should I put a heart at the end like she did or is it too much? I don't want to make it awkward, but neither do I want her to think that I don't like her or so. Ugh I don't know what to do. I think I'll just add one, if she asks I'll simply explain that I did it because she did it first. Problem solved.

After adding the heart and clicking on 'send', I put my phone down. I lightly touch my cheek, the one she kissed. I can still feel the tingling of her lips on it, I carefully slowly rub my hand against it. It feels so good, actually too good to be true. I pinch myself on my arm to make sure this really isn't a dream, and I felt it, meaning it isn't. It thankfully isn't.

"Sana's a good friend, you know, I'm really glad you got to know her" chae says with a smile on her face.

"Awww thanks bro, me too. I really hope we'll stay in touch"

"Oh trust me, she won't let you go. I saw that in her eyes" she assures me.

I smile while tears slowly fill my eyes out of the blue, but I somehow managed not to let them fall. Not because I'm sad, but on the contrary, I'm so happy I could cry. I know it's weird and too early to say, even if this doesn't lead anywhere, I'm still glad I got the chance to meet this girl. That alone makes me happy, so happy I could cry. I lean back in my seat and close my eyes for a moment, thinking about how lucky I am to have met her.

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