4 Chapter 4

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As I carefully open my front door, I try to make as less noise as possible. My parents are long asleep at this time, so I don't want to wake them up. My brother is probably still playing Call of Duty on his ps4 with his headset on, so no need to worry about him.

I slowly go upstairs, trying to avoid make squeaking sounds with every step I take on the wood. I then close my bedroom door and let my back slide down leaning against it. I grin and start blushing so much that I shake my hands around full of joy and excitement.

A deep breath leaves my mouth. It's still so freaking unbelievable for me, this whole night and this girl.. everything's so unbelievable. But it happened, it actually did, and I'm not complaining at all. After all these years, my life is actually starting to be something. It doesn't feel boring nor worthless anymore. Is this what people constantly talk about? This so-called "love" thingy? I don't know, but something does feel different, different in a good way though.

This girl, she somehow painted my life with shiny bright colors. Her appearance alone showed me how beautiful, meaningful an worth-living for life can be. But how did she do that so fast? And why her? I wish I could understand my heart and control my emotions and feelings, but if this is love, then I want to know more about it. This side of mine that I never knew I had, I found it thanks to her. I can't even really talk without stuttering, without getting all shy and internally panic with every single thing she does or is. But I like it. I like this feeling and I want more of it. I want more of- her.

I stand up and throw myself on my bed with my face buried on my pillow hiding my idiot smile. I begin shaking my head from one side to another, constantly smiling and even laughing out of happiness. I then turn my body faced up to the ceiling. Flashbacks of this night run through my eyes like a movie being projected. Wow, we-we really almost kissed.

I take my phone and open our chat.

"Hey, I just got home!😊❤" I text her.

My phone immediately beeps after only a few seconds.

"Aww I'm really glad you did safely☺️ hey, can we text tomorrow? Cuz my phone is dying and my mom will kill me if I'd miss a call or not reply to her text😅❤"

"Oh yeah, of course! Don't worry about it! Text you tomorrow then☺️❤"

"Goodnight cutie🤗 thanks for today. Your presence made my night a lot better😘❤"

Did she just call me.. cutie? I mean, SHE just called ME cutie? I'm so confused. She's the cute one out of the both of us, definitely not me. But does she really find me cute or does she just say that to everyone? I look at the kissing face she added. It immediately reminds me of the little moment we had, which unfortunately didn't fully happen.

"Goodnight to you too😊 And aww I'm the one who should say that☺️❤"

I turn to my left side and grab the teddy bear my nan gave me as a birthday gift when I was little. I hug it tightly, so tightly as if it was Sana. I feel the need to shout out of happiness, to spread love to everybody, to tell people not to give up just because of some bad days. I feel the need to-to be with her. She keeps going through my mind and I can't help but smile. Smile till my eyelids get heavy and slowly close after some time.

The next morning

I wake up to the sound of my brother raging at a game, it's probably lagging again in the middle of his match online. Weirdly enough, for once I don't sight. I won't let the fact that he woke me up bring my mood down. I'm just still so happy, I can't even be mad at him or anyone. I stretch my arms and reach out for my phone.

"2 unopened text messages by Sana."

My eyebrows lift, woah she really meant it when she said she'd text me today? And so early in the morning too? I click on it and a text of quite a few lines pops up followed by a short one.

"Good morning, Dahyun-ah!☺️❤ did you sleep well? I hope I didn't wake you up😅 I'm sorry we couldn't text yesterday, but I'm free from today on because my parents went to another city due to my dad finally being off work (leaving me here alone because of school😑), they won't come till next week❤ so yeah, please text me when you read this🥰❤"

I swear, this girl couldn't be any cuter. But I feel so sorry for her, being all alone at home for a whole week. My parents would never do such a thing, that thought would not even come to their mind.

"Hey wake up, you sleepyhead!😂 I miss you❤" she says afterwards.

My heart flutters while reading her last sentence. It's only been a few hours, but I somehow already miss her so much too.

"Awww good morniiing!!☺️❤ Sorry for taking so long to reply, but sleeping is one of the only things I'm good at😂😅 I actually slept really well, how about you? And don't worry about it, I completely understand!☺️ I'm glad we can text more now, but omg really? That's so long, are you gonna be okay all by yourself?🥺❤" I'm genuinely worried about her, I just don't want anything to happen to her.

"AAAAH!! Finally, you replied! I was waiting for you to text me for hours☺️❤ that's no problem at all, I want you to rest well😊 aah I'm glad, I slept wonderfully too because of you😚❤ thanks for not being mad😅☺️ yeah I'm gonna be fine. Just really, reaaally bored😅 uh I wanted to ask if you want to come over sometime? Like, maybe tomorrow? I just really miss you🥰❤"

Me and her alone at her house? Like, without anyone else?? Woah. I can feel my face getting red while thinking about how it would be and what we would do.

"Awww really?😅❤ oh that's true, I'd get awfully bored too😊 yes sure! I don't have any plans so I'll totally come over tomorrow, thanks for asking me☺️❤ and I really miss you too❤"

I can't believe this is happening. I'm going to Sana's house tomorrow and be ALONE with HER. Okay, I'm getting nervous.

She then tells me that I can come whenever I want from 12 am so that we can spend a lot of time together, which makes me really happy. She told me not to eat anything big before coming to her. Hmmm she must be ordering us some food then. I go downstairs to the kitchen to ask my mom for permission.

My dad's sitting at the table eating a few slices of bread with peanut butter. I turn to my mom who's making dinner.

"Hey, mom. A friend of mine invited me to her house tomorrow, just to hang out. Can I go, please?" I ask with my puppy eyes.

"Of course, sweetie. I don't want you to stay home every single day. You should go have some fun every once in a while" she says rubbing my head.

"Thanks, mom!" I say with a big smile on my face.

"At what time should we pick you up tomorrow?" she asks smiling.

"Oh I forgot to ask her, wait I'll tell you in a sec" I say taking my phone.

I text Sana back telling her that I'll be there on the afternoon and ask her how long I can stay at her place.
After pressing send, not even a minute went by till my phone already lightens up.

"I wish you could stay here forever, but if I really had to say a time limit I'd say 11pm?😘❤"

This girl really never fails to make me blush.

"She said I can stay till 11pm, is that okay for you?" I look up at my mom.

"Yeah sure! That's no problem at all, but if you want me to pick you up sooner for whatever reason just tell me and we'll come" she assures me.

As if I'd want to come home sooner. I want to stay with her as long as possible. She somehow just makes me so unbelievably happy.

We keep texting all day long, nonstop. I know it sounds weird, but just talking to her is by far one of my favorite hobbies ever. I'm so excited for tomorrow, I really can't wait to see her again.

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