2 Chapter 2

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"Hey, Mr. Son!"

"Hello, Dahyun. It's been a while, how have you and your family been?"

"We're great, everything's fine"

"That's always good to hear. Are you girls ready for the party?"

"Heck yes!!" chae excitedly says.

"Remember, don't drink alcohol nor do anything stupid" chae's dad warns us.

"Don't worry dad, we won't, it's just a party between some friends"

A couple minutes later

"We're here, you girls go have fun!"

"Thanks dad, see you in a couple hours" chae says.

"Oh by the way, Mr. Son, can you pick me up later too? Because my parents are already asleep by then"

"Of course! I was planning to do that anyways" he smilingly says.

"Thank you so much! We'll be back soon"

"Okay, bye dad!" chae impatiently says.

We get out of the car and see a group of people smoking in front of the house. They have leather jackets on, making them look intimidating. I try not to focus on them and turn to the house behind them. We try to pass through another crowd of people blocking our way in.

"They have so much space to stand on, but instead they're here blocking our way" I sight whispering to chae.

"Yeah I don't understand them either. Let's just get inside" she replies.

We finally got in. The music is so loud and there's so much noise. I knew I should've stayed at home.

"Ah there she is!" chae says pointing at someone.

We're headed towards her. I have no clue who she is, but I guess she's one of chae's college friends.

"Heyho, Jihyo!" she says with a certain rhythm.

"You'll never stop greeting me like that, will you?" she laughs.

"Nope. Oh I almost forgot! This is my best friend" she says gesturing at me.

"Hello. Nice to meet you, Jihyo" I say smiling.

"Heyyy, so you must be Dahyun! I'm honored to finally meet the person chae tells me lots about" she says laughing.

"Oh she does? Yeah we've known each other for a really long time so there are many stories to share. I just hope she didn't tell you any embarrassing ones" I say turning to chae pretending to give her a death stare.

We continue chatting for a little bit, but then I'm kinda left as a third wheel. I take my phone out of my pocket and scroll through Instagram to feel less lonely and bored, but I've already seen all the posts because I have no life. It's only been a few minutes and I can feel my legs already getting tired of standing. Ugh time is passing so slowly, I want to go home.

"I'm just going to grab myself a drink, do you guys want some?" Jihyo asks us.

"Oh no thanks, we don't drink" chae says answering for me too.

"So how do you find her? She's nice, isn't she?"

"Yeah she seems really kind and-" my words got interrupted by the sight of a girl, who's behind chae in another room. I begin staring at her without even noticing.

"and I love her charming eyes.. her beautiful face.. her-" I immediately snap back to reality without finishing the sentence. I can't even remember what we were talking about, I just remember seeing that girl. I can't understand what just happened, this never happened before.

"Woah, what the hell was that?" chae asks with a surprising look.

I don't answer, I don't even know what to say. I bury myself in shame, wishing I could turn back time.

Chae slowly turns around, trying to figure out what or who I was looking at until her eyes finally meet that girl, "were you looking at Sana?"

"Who? Sorry, I don't know who that is"

"I mean the girl who's sitting alone on the couch over there" she says pointing at that exact girl. Crap, did I really make it that obvious?

"Oh uh.. no?" oh god I'm really bad at lying.

"So you were!" she laughs, "hey, go talk to her, she's a good friend of mine" she says making me even more embarrassed than I already am.

"But I don't even know her, let's just stay he-" I got cut off by chae pulling me with her.

"Wait, where are you going?" I ask with a look of confusion.

"Where do you think?" she smirks.

"No, stop, chae" I panic, but my feet keep walking.

Shit. It's too late, I'm already in front of her.


Oh my freaking god, her voice is so sweet. Her teeth are so cute, and her smile- wow.

"Hey Sana!! How are you?"

"I'm fine, just chilling for a while"

I somehow can't take my eyes off her. It's so- shit. She noticed. She's looking at me with a smile on her face.

"Uh h-hey, I'm Dahyun. N-nice to meet you" I say with a shaking voice. I hold my hand out to greet her.

"Heyyy, I'm Sana!!" she looks at my hand, "oh no need to be so formal!" she says reaching in for hug.

I stay still while feeling her hands on my back, trying to process what's just happening. I then slowly hug her back, the smell of her perfume fills the air. It smells so good, so sweet. I've never seen such a nice-smelling one. She takes her hands off me and takes a step back, but why does that bother me? Why do I miss her being so close to me when I've never seen this girl in my entire life?

"Oh Nayeon's there! I'll be back soon" chae says pointing at a crowd of girls but I don't see Nayeon anywhere.

"Wait, don't leave me alone" I desperately whisper to her as she passes by me.

"Don't worry, you're not alone" she winks at me.

"So tell me something about yourself" Sana suggests.

"Uh what do you want to know?"

"Anything, you just seem so.. interesting" she says smiling thoughtfully.

Interesting? What does she mean by that? Is it in a good way or not? Why am I even panicking over one word? God, I have too many questions.

"Oh uh my life is really boring. I just like listening to music and watching anime."

"Really? That's so cool, I've never watched it, but I'd like to watch one with you" she smiles with her teeth.

"W-with me?" I stutter.

"Yeah, you dummy" she says putting her hand on my arm.

"Hey you wanna go outside? The music is pretty loud in here" she asks.

"Uh y-yeah sure" I stutter.

While we're trying to go through everybody, I see Nayeon with Jeongyeon, but no chae. Wasn't she supposed to be with her?

A moment of realization crushes me, "oh my god, did she only say that so that we could be alone??" I think to myself. I'll kill her with my bare hands.. but on the other side, I'm actually glad she did.

I open the door as my eyes widen, there's not a single person here. Only us. All alone. My heart, why is it beating so fast?

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