7 Chapter 7

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With our eyes closed, we kiss each other in a romantic way. I feel like I’ve just been teleported into a whole new world. One without worries and problems, filled with love and happiness. One where there's no one but her, only the both of us.

While her hand is still on my jawline, I can sense the other one moving up to my arm. My palms begin to sweat as my heart keeps pounding due to our sudden physical contact. She holds my arm tightly but carefully. I let a barely hearable moan out, which makes her lips slowly leave mine. Shit. Shouldn't I have done that? I hate that I can’t control my emotions. I embarrassedly try to avoid eye contact by looking down at her bed because I feel like that turned her off. 

She softly turns my head up and whispers into my ear, “I knew you want it. We’ll have a long night ahead of us” she smirks.

My eyes widen, "hey uh c-can I use the bathroom?" I shyly ask. 

"Of course! You just have to go strai-" she chuckles, "just go straight all the way and then it’ll be on your left". I wonder why she laughed saying that. 

Ooooh I got it now. "So I just go STRAIGHT and turn left? But what if I don’t wanna go straight?" I wink smiling.

She giggles, "then you won’t find the bathroom".

I laugh and head out of her room. Oof finally I’m out. When I find the bathroom door, I close it and take a deep breath. As if I've forgotten how to breathe, I start making breathing exercices. Breathe in and out. I’m so nervous, but why? Why am I feeling this way? I open the tap water and wash my face to freshen up. This whole situation still feels so unreal. 

I hear a knocking. "Hey are you okay?" a familiar voice asks me. 

"Uh yeah, sorry I was just washing my face" I reply as I quickly dry my hands on the towel next to the sink.

I open the door and see Sana with a worried look on her face.

"Did I, you know, rush things? I’m so sorry if I made you uncomfortable" she says with a worried look.

"Omg no, don’t be! I uh I actually really liked it" I shyly admit.

She approaches me leaning in for a hug, "you are literally the cutest human being ever".

"I could say the same about you" I blush.

She takes my hand leading me back to her room as if I didn't already know where it was. No complains though.

"So what do you usually do at home?" she asks out of curiosity.

"Nothing much, I just listen to music and watch anime" I reply.

"Oh that’s right! Have you finished the one you were watching yet?" she asks smiling. 

"No, not yet. I've watched most of it, but there's still some episodes left".

"Oh! Do you wanna watch the rest with me? I don't know what it's about, but I’d like to watch it. Only if you want to, of course" she suggests.

Omg I'm so happy she's willing to watch my favorite anime of all time. That's such a cute gesture. I nod while blushing. She takes her pc that's sitting on her desk and opens it. Once she's logged in, she asks me what website I watch the episodes on and types it in the search bar on google. We make ourselves comfortable on her bed and she leans her head on my chest with her eyes turned to the screen.

"Who's this guy?" she asks, pointing at the main character. I giggle and allow myself to pause the episode to explain everything that's happened till now. She looks at me with a concentrated face, paying close attention to every word I say as if she's taking notes in her head.

"Oh no!! I hope the bad guys lose the fight!" she says with a worried look after I finished explaining.

"I hope so too" I chuckle. It's so cute how interested she is in the things I like doing. I then click on the pad once again for the episode to continue. I lay my hand on her hair and begin to stroke it lightly. 

At 8 pm

"What? We already finished it?" I ask with a surprising look.

"I think so cuz there are no more episodes here" she replies.

I only raise my eyebrows because I'm still shocked at how fast time went by.

"You know, even though I missed sooo many episodes, I honestly really enjoyed watching it. Thank you so much for taking your time to explain to me what it was about and for being the person I watched my first anime with" she replies with a big smile on her face.

"Awww that's no problem at all! And I'm really glad to be that person" I blush.

This is definitely my favorite anime I've watched so far, but I somehow don't feel sad to have finished it. The fact that I've finished it with her makes me really happy. I watched my favorite anime (well the last couple episodes) with my favorite girl. "My favorite girl", so weird for me to say, but that's what she truly is.

"Hey do you wanna go take a shower first or should I?" she asks getting up.

"It doesn't matter to me, it's how you want".

"Okey dokey, I'll go first then. Are you sure you're gonna be fine by yourself?" 

"Yeah I'll just go watch some youtube videos till you come back" I say smiling at her.

She grins and leaves the room holding a green striped pajama. I've never liked that color, but I can already tell that it's going to look cute on her. I go to my purse that I put on her desk chair when I first came to her room. I take out a pen along with my poetry book that I always have with me wherever I go. I'm not actually going to watch youtube videos, I just used that as an excuse to write personal stuff down as I have some time alone now. 

No one knows about my poetry writing because I like to keep it a secret. It's like a diary, filled with my thoughts and feelings. The only difference there is, is that I write in rhyming shemes (I just love rhymes so much). I bet if I told someone about this they wouldn't believe me because I don't really look like a "poetic" person, but just like the famous quote goes, "don't judge a book by its cover". I start writing and writing, nonstop. Continuously, as if I was taking a test where I knew all the answers by heart. As I reach the bottom of the page, my pen distances itself. I then flip the page to write the final couple lines, but the sound of a doorknob turning makes me extremely nervous.

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