Chapter fifteen

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Chapter fifteen

         “We’re going to have to do that spell.” Gabriel decided.

         “But...What if it kills her?” Jamie asked. “Is there a weaker version we could use?”

         “No.” Gabriel shook his head. “But there is one to get rid of the seal.”

         “Hmph.” Lucifer snorted, clearly not believing it.

         Alex could barely hear them, as she continued panting and slowly blacked out again, hearing Dan’s voice speaking softly in Latin.


         “Alex. Alex wake up.” Alex woke up slightly, feeling someone shake her shoulders.

         “Eh?” Alex opened her eyes slowly. “What the hell….” She looked around the room, and saw a devil’s trap painted on the ground under her.

         “You alright?” Gabriel asked, standing over her with his hands on her shoulders.

         “Uh…” Alex closed her eyes again.

         “Maybe we shouldn’t do the spell...She’s in no condition.” Jamie spoke softly.

         “Nah, go ahead.” Lucifer spoke up. Alex groaned softly, realizing the hallucination hadn’t gone away yet.

         “We have to cure her.” Gabriel insisted, removing his hands from Alex and standing straight.

         “But the seal will still be there…. Even if we cure her she'd still become a demon fromt he seal.” Jamie asked.

       "Yeah...." Gabriel sighed. 

     “What are you going to do…?” Alex asked, reopening her eyes and looking at Gabriel and Jamie.

         “There’s this spell I found, it can cure demons. But I guess we’re going to try the spell to remove Dantaion’s seal first.” Gabriel explained.

         “At what cost though?” Alex asked. “Will I die?”

         Gabriel and Jamie glanced at each other, “We don’t know what’s going to happen.” Jamie spoke.

         “Then you’re not doing it.” Alex decided.

         “We have to.” Gabriel said.

         “You don’t have to do anything.” Alex retorted.

         “Alex,” Gabriel sighed again.

         “No, Gabriel. You’re not going to risk killing me over a stupid, insignificant, detail!”

         “How is being a demon insignificant?!” Gabriel exclaimed angrily.

         “Because I said so! It’s my body and my choice and I’m not going to let you do this!” Alex began yelling.


          "Ok, ok.” Jamie interrupted, stepping to stand between Alex and Gabriel.

         “Aw. You ruined the best part!” Lucifer whined from the back of the room.

         “We need to start the spell.” Jamie said to Gabriel, then turned around to Alex, “Weather you like it or not. You’re not yourself right now and can’t make your own choices.”

         “Fuck you! I don’t even know you!” Alex glared at Jamie.

         “I’m starting the spell.” Jamie stated, walking away from Alex and Gabriel over to a table that held all the ingredients they needed. The seal-removing spell, which was less likely to work, didn’t include any human blood, or anything else out of the ordinary.“Gabriel, please move out of the way.” She walked around the table holding a large, old, book with the Latin spell in it.

         Gabriel nodded and moved aside, giving the psychic space.

         “Oooh! It’s starting!” Lucifer cheered, sitting on the table beside the ingredients, eating popcorn.

       Alex sent a glare towards Lucifer, but turned back as Jamie began reciting the spell. “Is it working?”

         “You feel anything?” Gabriel asked.

         “No-” Alex gasped in pain and shut her eyes.

         Jamie paused, glancing at Gabriel. “Keep going, I think it’s working.” Gabriel assured her. Jamie nodded, and began again, and Alex continued screaming in pain.

         “S-Stop! Stop!” Alex screamed. “Stop it!”

         Gabriel frowned and looked away, and Lucifer smirked, “Why stop? This is the best part! Not only am I torturing you to make you think you got out of the cage, there’s this too!”

         Alex panted, trying to hold in her screams. She glared at Lucifer, eyes dark red, “Go to hell, asshole.”

         “Already been. Actually, we’re there now!” Lucifer smiled.

         Alex choked back another scream, it felt like her insides were burning, like she was on fire, but worse. “S-Stop…” Her voice got softer and her screams eventually quieted, as Jamie finished reciting the spell.

         “Alex?” Gabriel rushed over to her. Her head hung limply, and her eyes were closed. He pushed her t-shirt aside and watched as the seal slowly faded away, leaving no trace of it having been there.

         “Did it work?” Jamie asked. She closed the book and placed it on the table, paying more attention to Alex then her actions.

         “Yeah, surprisingly…” Gabriel nodded.

         “Is she okay?”

         Gabriel placed two fingers on Alex’s forehead and healed her as much as he could, which wasn’t much. “She’ll be fine…”

         Jamie sighed, relieved. “Thank God…” She paused for a minute, then said, “Oh...sorry.”

         Gabriel just shrugged and untied Alex, “You have a bed we can lay her in?”

         “Yeah, follow me.” Jamie smiled.


Author's Note-

I just got back from my friends like an hour ago and I feel like I got run over by a truck.

We didn't sleep till 5 am, then woke up at 10. We didn't have like alcohol or anything but I had two Monsters but energy drinks  plus my anxiety is never good xD. Did you guys have a good New Years? ^.^

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