Chapter ten

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Chapter ten

         “I’m going out.” Alex growled, stomping away from Gabriel. They had gotten into another fight, and Alex was pissed.

         “Woah, wait.” Gabriel teleported himself between Alex and the door. “Can’t we talk about this?” Gabriel had no idea why she was so angry.

         “Not right now. I’m. going. out.” Alex pushed Gabriel aside and left the apartment.

         Gabriel let her leave, too confused to really try and stop her. “What the hell just happened…?” She was normal a few weeks ago, what changed? She’s definitely hiding something….


         Alex climbed into her car, still angry. “Arg! What the hell!” She growled. “Why am I so angry!?” She took a deep breath, attempting to calm herself. “Ok, ok...I need a distraction….” She talked to herself. Why don’t I just go on a hunt… Take this anger out on some douchebag….Even if Gabe’s being a douche, I’m not going to kill him.

         “Someone’s angry.”

         Alex turned around and saw Dan sitting in her backseat. “Go away.” She turned back around. Why does he always show up at these times...

         “Aw, why? I just got here.” Dan teleported himself to the passenger seat.

         “Because I said so. Now, leave.” Alex hissed at him.

         “You and Gabe get into another fight?” Dan asked, ignoring her order.

         “That’s none of your business.”

         “I think it is. We’ve gotten rather close, don’t you think?” Dan insisted, smirking.

         “Fuck off, Dan.” Alex glared at the demon.

         “Fine. But I thought you’d want this hunt I found for you.” Dan shrugged.

         “I can find my own job, thank you.” Alex crossed her arms.

         “Suit yourself. Guess this family’s just gonna die then.” Dan tried to persuaded her.

         “I said no. Now, leave.”

         She’s angrier than I thought…. Dan huffed and shook his head, a small smirk forming on his lips. He then teleported himself from the car.

         “Pfft, demons.” Alex calmed slightly, resting her head on top of the steering wheel. She was confused, she didn’t know why she was always angry. But it almost excited her, she felt like she could do anything, without having to worry about other people’s feelings. Her and Gabriel’s fighting was proof of that. Although Alex did feel some guilt for cheating on Gabriel.

         “It doesn’t really matter, he won’t find out. And hell, it was fun.” Alex assured herself. She sighed, “He won’t see it that way though…” She felt like two different people trapped in the same body. One part of her didn’t care, and wanted to have fun in it’s own, twisted, way. The other, wanted to continue as usual, and still loved Gabriel. She leaned back in her seat and stared at the roof of her car. What am I doing?

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