Chapter five

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Chapter five

         Alex hummed and tapped on the kitchen table as she read an old book, trying to learn more about Dan. She hadn’t been able to find anything and she had been looking all day, it was making her frustrated.“He’s just a damn demon why’s he so hard to find?!” Alex growled softly, making sure Gabriel wouldn’t hear her. She was going to tell him, but didn’t really find it necessary.

         “Whatcha readin’?” Gabriel suddenly asked, leaning over Alex from behind her chair and wrapping his arms around her neck.

         “Uh, nothing really.” Alex quickly closed the book. “Just...stuff.”

         “Stuff, huh? What kind of stuff?”

         Alex leaned her head back to look at Gabriel, “I don’t know. I was bored.”

         “Well, I can make you unbored.” Gabriel suggested, leaning down and kissing her.

         Alex chuckled, “I’m not that bored.”

         “Awwwww. Why nottttt.” Gabriel whined.

         “Causeee. I have to go out for a bit.” Alex got up from the chair and turned to Gabriel.

         Gabriel pouted, “Fineee.”

         Alex smiled and kissed the archangel again, “I won’t be that long.”


         “Miss…...Alex?” A waiter that was working with the reservation book asked.

         “Yeah.” Alex nodded. She felt out of place because she was just wearing black jeans and a band shirt to a fancy restaurant.

         “There’s no last name listed?”

         “Nope.” Alex said simply. Her father didn’t have a last name, so she didn’t. Not that she cared really. And she didn’t really want to have the last name he had when he was human. MacLeod...ew.

         “Ok..Right this way Miss.” The waiter led her through the restaurant, past lots of people wearing fancy clothing, looking at her in disgust. “Here you are.”

         “Hey. I almost thought you weren't coming.” Dan smiled up at her. He wasn’t well-dressed either, in jeans and a button up shirt.

         “At least I don’t feel out of place anymore.” Alex sighed and sat down. “Why’d you pick such a fancy place?”

         “Well. You’re archangel won’t think to look here, would he?” Dan asked.

         “Why would he look for me anyway? It’s not like I’m cheating on him. I’m allowed to go out for a little.” Alex chuckled, raising an eyebrow at the demon. “I haven’t told him about you anyway.”

         “You haven’t? I thought that’d be the first thing you’d do.”

         Alex shrugged, “I don’t know...But I did tell my dad. He said to stay away from you.”

         “Yeah, like I said, not many like me.” Dan chuckled. “So, you want to order? I thought since last time we never got to eat, I’d try again.”

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