Chapter fourteen

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Chapter fourteen

         Gabriel teleported himself and Alex to the psychic’s house, which was also where she did her readings.

         The psychic gasped and whipped around to face Gabriel at the soft sound of flapping wings. “What the hell?!”

         “Hi.” Gabriel breathed.

         “Gabriel...right?” The psychic guessed. She looked around her ranch-style house, unsure as to how he got in. “H-How…?”

         “I’ll explain in a minute. We have to tie her up before she wakes up.” Gabriel searched for a sturdy chair and teleported himself to the kitchen to save time. He sat Alex down in one of the kitchen chairs, then teleported it and himself back to the living room.

         “H-How are you doing that?!” The psychic exclaimed, watching the archangel in slight horror as he got a rope from nowhere.

         Gabriel sighed, turning to the woman after tying Alex up. “Long story short, I’m an archangel and she’s an antichrist,” He pointed to Alex. “And yes, heaven and hell are real. Every monster you can think of is probably real too. And what’s your name by the way?”

         “I-I…” The psychic was speechless, still trying to process the abundance of information. “Jamie…My name’s Jamie…” She brushed a strand of dark brown hair behind her ear and stared at Gabriel for a while. “So...You’re an angel…? W-With wings? And a halo?”

         “Basically.” Gabriel nodded, looking back to Alex.

         “And she’s Satan’s daughter?!?”

         “What?!” Gabriel turned back to Jamie. “No, no!” He laughed a little, “Antichrist’s are just demon spawns.”

         “Oh...okay…” Jamie thought for a moment. “All monsters are real?”

         “I’m pretty sure bigfoot’s not real.”

         “Uhm...What’s the thing you wanted me to help with? Can’t you just do it? You’re an angel.” Jamie felt like all her years of training to be a psychic, every trick she had to read people, were completely useless.

         “No. A human has to do it. And it needs human blood.” Gabriel explained. 

        “What’s the spell for?”

         Gabriel sighed again, “Why don’t we sit down and I’ll explain more in detail.”


         Alex groaned, slowly blinking her eyes open and looking around at her new surroundings. Where am I…? She felt weak and couldn’t move. She looked down and noticed she was tied up, but her efforts to break free were useless.

         “So some...demon is controlling her?” Alex heard an unfamiliar female voice coming from the next room.

         “Yeah.” Gabriel?

         “Oh look, you’re awake.” Alex’s eyes widened and she looked away from the doorway to her right at the new voice.

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