Chapter sixteen

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Chapter sixteen

         Alex’s body twitched and she squirmed in her sleep, a pained look on her face. On the right side of her chest, in between her collarbone and breast, a circle began to burn itself into her skin. Inside of this circle, a weirdly shaped symbol also burned into her.

         Alex gasped and woke up, panting. What the hell happened?!

         They tried to take you away from me.

         Dan? Alex moved her shirt down and saw Dan’s seal was there again. It burned, and was throbbing badly.

         Are you okay? Where are you?

         I don’t know…. Alex looked around the small bedroom. It was boring, all dull colors. It also had lots of books scattered everywhere, some in bookshelves, others carelessly tossed onto the floor. I think Gabriel said it was a psychic’s house.

         You’re with him?! Why!?

         I don’t know! Calm down! I’m leaving now. Alex stood up from the bed and instantly felt dizzy.

         “A little lightheaded, are we?” Alex heard Lucifer comment.

         “Why are you still here.” Alex grumbled. “Fuck off…”

         “Hey, you should be grateful, I let you sleep.”

         “Shut up.” Alex muttered.

         You better get here quickly. We still have time to kill Lucifer.

         Yeah, yeah, I’m coming. Alex hoped killing Lucifer would make the hallucinations stop too.

         And you better do whatever it takes to get here. Whatever it takes.

         Gotcha. Alex felt around her clothing, looking for her angel blade. Finding it wasn’t there, she looked around the room, but still found nothing. Damn.

         “Looking for this?” Lucifer asked, twirling her angel blade in his hands.

         “Give it back. I don’t have time for this.” Alex ordered. “Now.”

         “Why should I?”

         “Because I said so.” Alex glared at Lucifer.

         “Hm. Not a very convincing argument.” He continued to twirl the blade.

       Alex sighed dramatically, “Just hand it over.” She walked up to Lucifer and tried to grab the blade from his hands, but it disappeared right as she touched it. “Hey!”

         “What?” Lucifer smirked.

         Alex looked around the room again and found the angel blade lying on the end of the bed. Angrily, she stomped over to it and grabbed it. “Douchebag.” She muttered, and left the bedroom, Lucifer following closely behind.

         “So, you’re going to fight Gabriel, huh?” Lucifer asked.

         “I never said that.” Alex shoved the angel blade into her boot.

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