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        Alex laid in her and Gabriel’s bed, the archangel lying beside her, playing with  her hair. It had been about a month after they had made up and Alex was healing well, well enough that she was able to leave the hospital. Today was a lazier day than usual, neither of them had left the bedroom for anything yet.

         “Hey, Gabe?” Alex spoke quietly, breaking the peaceful silence.


         “What do you think happens when I die?” She was honestly curious, it was something that had bothered her recently.

         “Why are you asking that all of a sudden?” Gabriel sat up a bit.

         “No reason, I was just wondering. I’m not completely a dick, so I don’t think I’ll go to Hell. And I know for a fact I won’t get into Heaven. So does that mean I’d go to Purgatory?” Alex thought out loud.

         “I’m not gonna let you go to Purgatory.” Gabriel assured. “I’ll get you into Heaven, no matter what it takes.” The topic actually worried Gabriel, reminding him that she wasn’t immortal like he was, and she would eventually die.

         Alex chuckled a bit and smiled, then asked, “What’s Purgatory for anyway? No one really explained.”

         “It’s for the Leviathan.” Gabriel started. “Monsters older than even me. Dad made them, then realized they were too strong- they killed everything- so he locked them away in Purgatory.”

         “So after the Leviathan...He made you?” Alex moved closer to Gabriel, although there wasn’t much of a gap between them to begin with.

         “Well, he made Michael, Lucifer and Raphael first, but yeah.” Gabriel nodded. “Then He made all the other angels.”

         “Cool...Then what? Did He make this solar system first? Or others?”

         “Are you really interested in this?” Gabriel asked.

         “Yeah...I don’t know why, it just kinda amazes me.” Alex shrugged.

         “Ok. Well, this galaxy was probably the last one He made, theres tons more.”


         “Yeah, but He seemed to like this planet the most. He spent a lot of time on it.” Gabriel explained thoughtfully.

         “What about the Horsemen? I know Death’s always been around, but what about the other three? Lucifer’s not strong enough to create them, so did God?” Alex asked, it was another question she’d always had.

         “I don’t know actually…” Gabriel paused for a moment. “Dad might have made them...But Death could’ve also...Or they were always there.”

         “Well, they are Death’s brothers. Maybe they’ve always been around.” Alex thought for a while.

         “Have any more questions?” Gabriel smiled.

         “I don’t know…” Alex paused. “Do you ever wonder how we ended up together?”

         “Yeah, but I’m glad we did.”

         Alex rolled onto her stomach and looked up at Gabriel, “Maybe it was an apology of some sort...Maybe God felt bad for leaving and wanted you to be happy?”

         “You think so?” Gabriel was quiet for a while.

         “Yeah. I don’t think He really wanted to leave you alone, it just happened.” Alex smiled.

         Gabriel chuckled and smiled, “I love you.”

         “I love you too, Gabriel.” Alex leaned forward and pressed her lips to Gabriel’s.


Author's Note-

It's short but I felt like it was cute and worked as a Epilogue. I was just gonna have it be a oneshot but it works :D

Thank you for reading and voting/commenting your nice comments make my life a little less hellish, although at this point hell doesn't sound that bad.

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