Chapter twelve

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Chapter twelve

         “When the demon Dantalion claims a human, his seal will be branded onto them. The seal will turn the human into a demon, as powerful as Dantalion himself. Once the transformation is complete, Dantalion will have total control over the newly created demon, and he will move on to his next victim. Also, similar to the Mark of Cain (see page 379), the newly created demon will have a frequent urge to kill, and if they don’t they will perish.”

         Gabriel sighed heavily, closing the book he was reading. “Dammit Alex.” He growled.


         Alex angrily stomped up to Dan and grabbed him by his coat collar, bringing him down to her level and smashing her lips onto his.

         “Well, hi.” Dan pulled away after a few seconds. “What was that?” He chuckled.

      “I don’t know.” Alex crossed her arms. She honestly had no idea why she did that, it just happened.

         “Ok…What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with your angel?” Dan asked teasingly.

         “No.” Alex said simply.

         “Care to elaborate?”

         “We broke up.”

         “And you’re cool with that?” Dan was a little surprised.

         “I broke up with him, idiot.” Alex glared at the demon.


         “Yeah, and he mentioned something about me becoming a demon, what’s that about?” Alex changed the topic.

         “Uhm…” Dan paused. He found out already?!

         “It’s cause of this, right?” Alex moved her shirt down to show the seal.

         “Uh. Yeah...About that…”

         “I don’t care really.” Alex shrugged.

         “What?” Dan’s eyes widened a little and he looked at her in shock.

       “Well you probably have a reason. I just don’t see why you couldn’t ask me first.” Alex explained.

         “Ah, yeah...I do have a reason. You need to be stronger in order to get Lucifer out of the cage.” Dan regained his composure.

         “What, antichrist isn’t good enough?” Alex teased.

         “For this spell, no. But you’re ok with being a demon?”

         “Yeah, it’s fine.”

         “Hmph.” Dan thought for a while. Like a mindless slave already.

         “So, what do we need for the spell?” Alex pulled him from his thoughts.

         “Not much more, I have most of it.” Dan replied, thinking over what they had in his head.

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